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Charity Projects to Get Involved With This Ramadan

Make this Holy Month count through charitable acts

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28 April 2019

Last updated on 6 May 2019
Ramadan Charity Projects in Dubai 2019

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time of reflection and charity.

In fact charity - known as 'zakat' and 'sadaqah' - is one of the biggest, most common observances for Muslims during Ramadan.

Supporting charitable acts and Dubai's support groups is also one of the easiest ways for non-Muslims to partake in the spirit of the Holy Month and support their neighbours, colleagues, and communities around them.

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Other ways to get involved include exchanging Ramadan greetings with your peers, especially 'Ramadan Kareem' at the start of the month. You can also try fasting with your Muslim colleagues or friends, and give water and dates, or snacks to workers nearby to your home at Iftar.

Charitable efforts are an important part of Islam, and is even more significant during Ramadan.

Here are 8 charity projects happening this Ramadan across Dubai that you can join in with and support...

1. Build a shoe box care package

Most workers in the UAE live away from their families for several months at a time, and unfortunately, don't have access to basic needs that others take for granted readily available. For Ramadan this year, why not volunteer your time to help an organisation or school with arranging care packages for these workers? Fill your shoebox care package with fresh toiletries, socks, phone credit recharge cars, snacks and bottles of water. Once complete, distribute your boxes to workers nearby to your home, work or school.

2. Distribute water

If you're unable to distribute shoebox packages, giving water is the next best thing. Buy a large box of local water and cool it in your fridge - right before the sunsets, head out to a construction site or an area where you know there will be lots of workers, and hand some water out.

3. Contribute to a Ramadan Sharing Fridge

It's one of the biggest initiatives in Dubai every Ramadan, and also the easiest for all to get involved with. Dotted around the Emirate, you'll find sharing fridges in place throughout the Holy Month. These Ramadan sharing fridges provide free food and beverages to those in need.

Next time you head to the supermarket, buy some extra supplies of dry foods, snacks and drinks to help stock up your nearest Ramadan sharing fridges in your community. We have an entire guide on the Ramadan sharing fridges here for you.

Ramadan Charity Projects in Dubai 2019

4. SMS your Iftar donation

Dar Al Ber Society is a philanthropic and charitable organisation based in Dubai that makes donating super easy for all. For 2019, they have a project whereby you can SMS your donation and pay directly through your smart phone. Options are AED 20, AED 50, AED 100 and AED 200 or you can transfer money via other means. Find out more by clicking here, or start by SMS the world Iftar to 6025 to donate AED 20.

5. Find a donation stand

All year you'll no doubt come across a donation stand located in malls, supermarkets and community areas that make donating easy. Dar Al Ber Society are also known for arranging these, and the money goes towards building mosques, orphanages, and schools amongst other things.

6. Volunteer with Dubai Cares

Register to become a volunteer with Dubai Cares this Ramadan! They have several projects to get involved with throughout the year, including building and renovating schools and classrooms for children to improve their access to quality education. Plus, you can work on improving water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools as well as teacher training, curriculum development, literacy and numeracy. Simply visit dubaicares.ae/volunteer to sign up.

7. Donate your leftovers

With iftar and suhoor daily, there's bound to be leftover foods after a friend or family gathering - thankfully, Dubai Municipality each year runs campaigns to collect your leftover food and distribute it to the poor and needy families across the city. All you have to do is contact the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality, or visit dm.gov.ae