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Save and Protect Animals in the UAE with Pearls of the Emirates

The UAE-based organisation follows a strongly educational, hands-on approach combined with events and shows about animal welfare

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8 December 2019

Last updated on 8 December 2019
Save and Protect Animals in the UAE with Pearls of the Emirates

All photos featured in the article are from Pearls of the Emirates.

By the waters of the UAE, a sailor rescues a turtle trapped among plastic debris. Placing the turtle in freshwater, he uses his knife to carefully cut off the plastic choking its little head and cutting off its air supply, and easily scrapes off the barnacles weighing the shell down. After some time, the turtle is clean and free of plastic and it's released back into the waters.

It's familiar scenes like this, shared by your friends or relatives on social media, which depicts the impact of man-made eco damages to wildlife. The turtle with its shell deformed from years of being wrapped with plastic, the dying seagull with its stomach swelling with trash, the stray dog with its paws stuck in a six-pack ring.

UAE-based non-profit, Pearls of the Emirates, has made it their mission to sensitise and educate people about animal welfare and the environment, reduce animal neglect, minimise animal cruelty, strengthen human values, and to promote a nation that is internationally watched today for its economic success and tolerance, and tomorrow admired for its cultured children involved in environmental affairs.

Who are the Pearls of the Emirates, and what's their story?

Pearls of the Emirates is an innovative children's concept that aims at sensitizing and educating young ones about environment protection and animal welfare, while encouraging compassion through the creation of animal characters inspired by the United Arab Emirates’ habitat.

Through a strong educational approach which includes multi-language playbooks (Arabic, English and French), events and shows, Pearls of the Emirates is promising to tip the scale in favour of animal welfare and environmental protection, helping to promote the UAE for its natural beauties and environmental affairs.

With the help of Pearls of the Emirates’ characters, Louna the camel, Bianca the gazelle, Frenzy the Arabian horse, Shaman the falcon, Bonnie the Turtle and Corsu the Leopard, children will learn to encompass kindness and mercy to animals and become more just and tolerant in their relations to each other.

Pearls of the Emirates is endorsed by the Alliance Française and creates animal welfare educational publications for Dubai Municipality.

Pearls of the Emirates mascot

What activities does Pearls of the Emirates do?

Pearls of the Emirates promotes animal welfare among children in the UAE through a series of events, publications, and more...

  • Educational leaflets
  • Games
  • School visit programes
  • Entertainment
  • Products - children's play books, comics, Arabic and English alphabet sheets, toys, etc.
  • Volunteering activities

Who is behind Pearls of the Emirates?

Pearls of the Emirates was founded by Mrs. Julie Shana Sebban Mannarini who has been living in the U.A.E with her family for over 10 years. Since early childhood, she has been deeply passionate about life.

Dedicated to preserving the environment and its inhabitants by engaging in various activities that promote the protection of the earth and the harmonization, Julie Shana continues to be a volunteer in various non-profits and associations that share similar values.

Today with volunteers, whom she met during humanitarian actions, they join hands to bring light to a cause very close to their hearts: the protection of another exquisite richness of the U.A.E - the nature and its animals.

Children learning about animal health at a Pearls of the Emirates event

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