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Support the Needy During the Pandemic Through This Ramadan Drive

Help Al Jalila Foundation heal our society with your support, one donation at a time.

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5 May 2020

Last updated on 6 May 2020

Transform someone’s life this Holy Month through a donation.

As the UAE continues to observe the Holy Month of Ramadan from April 23 to May 23 this year, residents and citizens join the globe to fast, reflect, spend time with loved ones, and most importantly, donate to charity.

While Ramadan 2020 feels transformed in a way due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with strict social distancing measures in place and the closure of our many favourite public spots, the act of giving has not changed.

UAE-based non-profit organisation, Al Jalila Foundation, remains steadfast in their mission set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai, to lead quality medical education, research, and treatment and provide quality treatment to patients in need.

Al Jalila Foundation invites UAE residents to embrace the Ramadan spirit of giving and their values of philanthropy. Join them in providing life-saving treatment to patients in need without the worry of breaking social-distancing rules. Through their dedicated A’awen programme, residents can make direct donations online or via Yalla Give.

The proceeds will go to supporting patients suffering from various health conditions such as cancer, heart illnesses, and kidney failure and who require urgent treatment to continue their life journey.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), those with life-threatening conditions including heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes are at increased risk and will require additional care in the midst of our global health crisis.

This Holy Month, your Zakat and charitable donations can help in boosting healthcare among those in need.

Dr. Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said, “As we come to terms with COVID-19 global outbreak there has never been a greater need for life-saving treatment and medical breakthroughs that could end the pandemic and save millions of lives."

"During these extraordinary times, we can not forget those most vulnerable in society who continue to need medical treatment for pre-existing life-threatening illnesses. The unprecedented situation has impacted the livelihood of many people and it is our national duty to support patients in their time of need."

"We are more determined than ever in our mission to transform patients’ lives and count on our donors’ generous support to help us pave the way for a healthier, brighter future for all," he added.

About Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila Foundation is a global philanthropic organisation dedicated to transforming lives through medical research, education and treatment. Underpinned by these pillars, Al Jalila Foundation aims to improve lives, be it through supporting a hopeful patient, an aspiring student or a pioneering scientist, bringing new hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

For more information, visit: https://www.aljalilafoundation.ae/en/