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12 Mind-Boggling Questions Tourists Ask About Dubai

As expats, we're accustomed to mind-boggling questions being asked by tourists visiting us. Here's the most odd ones we've heard.

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9 January 2017

Last updated on 15 November 2018
12 Mind-Boggling Questions Tourists Ask About Dubai

When tourists land in Dubai, it's no surprise they may be a little curious about certain things that they spot around the Emirate. From tall buildings, to gold-plated cars, to 7* hotels, there's a lot of unusual and unexpected things for individuals who are visiting for the first time.

And so we have come up with twelve of the weirdest questions expats living here are often asked (probably) about life in Dubai. 

tourist questions about dubai 1`

Why do you have to walk a kilometre just to get to Dubai Mall from the metro station?

*scratch head*

tourist questions about dubai 2

Why is there so much construction?

Ambition. Dreams. Excellence. 

tourist questions about dubai 3

Why does it seem like all the fun things are in malls?

Because there's a little thing called air conditioning... It's great in the summer!

tourist questions about dubai 4

Why do you guys have vending machines for gold?

Because we can.

tourist questions about dubai 5

Why does the weather change rapidly without any warning at all?

When you find out, let us know.

tourist questions about dubai 6

Why has that car heightened its wheel arches? 

Status people, status.

tourist questions about dubai 7

What's the Capital of Dubai? 


tourist questions about dubai 8

Why is there no inter-state train?


tourist questions about dubai 9

What do you guys do when it's so warm outside? 

We hibernate.

tourist questions about dubai 10

Why is everyone really rich here?

Seriously... Have you seen the prices of rent here?

tourist questions about dubai 11

Why do you need all of these skyscrapers?

The only way is up, baby. But seriously, the view is great because of them all. 

tourist questions about dubai 12

Why isn't everyone gloriously tanned and sun-kissed?

We wish we had that much time to laze around in the sun! 

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