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Fat Grafting is Effective for Breast Reshaping

Robbin Hood method of Fat Transfer is an effective solution for Breast Reshaping/Enlargement.

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14 March 2016

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Fat Grafting is Effective for Breast Reshaping
Fat is the future, it is Ironic! But truth. Fat cells are abundant sources of adult stem cells with significant regenerative capabilities. Adipose-derived stems cells and stromal cells together constitute stromal vascular fractions.
This stromal vascular fractions when transferred into a collagen surrounding produces neovascular tissue and this is one of the basis of breast remodelling with fat grafting. Fat is naturally present in Breast and conditions where a patient have lost fat due to weight loss, multiple pregnancy or aging can lead to atrophied and small breasts.
The Breasts shrink with the skin sagging down. Fat can be transferred in this residual Breast framework to enhance and rejuvenate the Breasts.
Dr Sanjay Parashar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cocoona Day Surgical says “Fat can be removed safely from abdomen, flanks, thighs etc by a procedure called as liposuction. The difference is the fat is gently sucked out with low power vacuum and fine cannulas”.

The aspirated fat is then gently centrifuged or decanted to remove the fluid and blood content. 

The fat cells are then transferred using small syringes and fine cannulas. Fat is layered in the Breast strategically below the muscle, above the muscle, at the base of the breasts and under the skin of the breasts.
This technique distributes the fat evenly and prevents polling of fat. Average 400-600 cc fat can be transferred to breasts depending upon the condition.
The advantages of fat are it enlarges the Breast uniformly and naturally. It also helps to improve the shape of the breast if there are issues such as tuberous Breast, asymmetrical breasts or post tumor removal deformities.
Dr Sanjay says “Fat grafting is also very useful in combination with silicone implants in people with challenging deformities and abnormal shapes of the breasts. Breast augmentation using patients own fat grafting has several advantages such as minimal invasive, no scars, natural cleavages and early recovery.”