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Top Cosmetic Industry Trends

A number of things have changed the way one looks at cosmetic surgery and how it is performed.

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14 March 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Top Cosmetic Industry Trends
Natural to stay. Minimal Invasive to be more in Demand. Technology to drive procedures. 
There is a lot happening on the table of a cosmetic surgeon. A number of things have changed the way one looks at cosmetic surgery and how it is performed. Gone are those days where one was looking for over augmented looks to steal the show. Through 2016, it was all about getting the natural look. It will stay around for a while and will continue to be patients first request during 2017. 
A bigger change coming our way is the increase in demand to perform major surgeries using techniques that are minimally invasive, meaning no-cuts, no-scars and are driven by advanced technology. A good surgeon would have already invested in these technologies, to stay ahead in the game. There are a number surgeries that can be performed minimally invasive, ranging from facelifts to breast augmentation to liposuction in various parts of the body.     
Botox and Fillers will continue to rule the cosmetic industry. The need to look young, wrinkle-free and beautiful will never die. Injectables will be in high demand and are expected to take a new leap further. For minor fat pockets, injectable based fat dissolving is also gaining popularity, especially around the face and neck.

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Combination injectables based contouring – aimed at achieving a desired change in the face is not new, but is getting popular now and will boom in 2017. Procedures designed on beauty icons like – Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Adonis, etc. are based on combination injectables and endless experience. These procedures are designed to give symmetrical proportions, define the desired contour, address sagging skin, take care of facial fat loss and even remove hollows. These procedures also rejuvenate the skin and obviously gives a younger, energetic and pleasing look. 
Liposculpting, which was popular through 2015/2016, is also making new leaps ahead. Till not it was restricted to the body and used to define or contour, the abs, ab-crack, waistline, arms, biceps definition, legs, chest, calves etc. It was still not performed at a Microlevel, but it will be now. I recently presented a new concept at one of the leading international conference – called Microliposcutpting. The concept takes liposuction two prongs ahead – not one can perform liposuction on the face with no marks and also go a level ahead while contouring small pockets of fat on the body with precision. It is extremely beneficial for people who spend a lot of time in the gym trying to get the fat-free-muscle-defined look. Microliposuclpting will gain practice in 2017. Definitely in my Clinic.
For the overweight and obese, 360 degrees slim-sculpting will gain popularity. It is not about getting the perfect lean, gym goers look. It’s about looking great in the clothes they wish to wear. It is achieved by addressing the right fat pockets and strategically combining multiple procedures. It’s also termed as the Instant Slim look or a SlimFit procedure. A perfect confidence booster. 
2016, also saw significant improvement in using the body's own cells to address but cosmetic and non-cosmetic issues. It has been identified scientifically, that body’s own cells are a good resource for many problems not only in the beauty industry but in people with sports injuries and joint problems. Platelet enriched plasma, autologous fillers, adipose derived stem cells or growth factors are some of the new technologies to look for.... We may even call them Organic cosmetic solutions. 
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Dr Sanjay Parashar 
International Plastic Surgeon 
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