Review: Kaya Detox Face Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic |

Review: Kaya Detox Face Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

On the hunt for a revitalised look? Visit Kaya Skin Clinic and try their Kaya Detox Face Therapy

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20 February 2018

Last updated on 27 September 2018
Review: Kaya Detox Face Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

In the harsh climate that is Dubai, it’s no wonder we women are often left with dull, dry skin and pimples in desperate need of some TLC.

So much so, we’re left searching for the perfect way to revitalise our look and restore some life back into our faces.

For me, living in Dubai has affected my skin in ways I hadn’t imagined; it gets dirtier a lot faster, becomes dry more frequently and add the indulgent takeaways, ladies night and brunch – I’m more prone to having pimples and black heads than I ever was in my home country.

If you, like me, are in this boat – don’t panic. As we’ve found a solution, thanks to Kaya Skin Clinic.

The international chain of skin clinics specialises in advanced dermatological solutions for both men and women, and the 8-times Superbrand offers various different treatments to help combat all sorts of skin-related issues.

I had the opportunity to visit their Barsha Heights branch to test their Kaya Detox Face Therapy – an express-detox treatment that helps to reverse the accumulated effect of sun exposure, pollution, lack of vitamins and nutrients.

As you now know, my lifestyle (and diet) fits all of this criteria, so having my own Kaya Detox Face Therapy was just the perfect opportunity to bring some life back into my face!

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Review: Kaya Detox Face Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

The Clinic

In an easy-to-find location in Barsha Heights – Tecom, for us old-timers – the clinic is in the I – Rise Tower, which provides plenty of paid parking in the basement. I was there for 2 hours, and it cost me only AED 25 to park.

The clinic itself is futuristic – clean, minimal, fresh and so bright. The brand’s recognisable purple accented the clinic throughout, and while waiting I was offered a selection of beverages from the ‘Kaya Café’ to enjoy.

The Kaya ladies were very welcoming and friendly, and as I had my appointment on February 14th, I even received a rose… How lovely!

The Consultation

Prior to my treatment, I sat with Dr. Tabassum who kindly went through my skin-type and needs with me as she took a closer look at my face. She explained how my skin was normal-dry, and a little sensitive… Which is unsurprising, I’m very British in the sense that I tend to have only two colours; transparent, and red.

Regardless, for my age of 25 years, she explained that my skin was in good condition thanks to my reduced use of make-up, daily moisturising and use of cleanser/toner… But I was definitely in need of a little TLC to brighten my look.

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Review: Kaya Detox Face Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

The Treatment

Led into my personal treatment room, the clinic’s manager explained the different options I had to make the room feel more comfortable throughout my treatment. Mood-lighting, air-conditioning control, and even my own iPad to catch-up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S were all perfect ways to help get me relaxed and settled for my Kaya Detox Face Therapy.

The treatment itself is in three stages:

  • 1. Cleansing and toning of the skin
  • 2. Exfoliation and a 3-step peel
  • 3. Vitamin C mask to end

My treatment began with the therapist, April, removing my make-up and a thorough facial cleansing. After which, the exfoliation peel was applied in 3 steps.

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An intensive peel is applied first, following a patch test. This is then followed by the enzyme mask powder, combined with peel rollers to help the mask penetrate deeper and more evenly. Lastly, the Peel doux is applied to finish the exfoliation process.

After stage 2, an extraction of blackheads and whiteheads follows, as per requirement. For me, it was most definitely required, embarrassingly enough.

Following this, Kaya stemness reviving serum is applied, which is an all-day detoxifying concentrate that instantly boosts, then a brightening and firming eye serum is applied, and then the overnight skin replenishing cream.

To end, Vitamin C is applied, along with a Vitamin C hydromask for the last burst of moisture for my skin.

The combination of the Vitamin C, papaya and pineapple infusions and exfoliation felt incredible… And it’s safe to say, the treatment did exactly what it promised – awakened my skin in a snap!

I have to say, it’s the perfect way to boost your skin and infuse it with the energy it’s in need of, especially when you’re overdue a facial, have been travelling or working lots recently.

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