Here's Why Your Child Needs to Brush Twice a Day |

Here's Why Your Child Needs to Brush Twice a Day

My child brushes twice a day, why does he get cavities?

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2 July 2019

Last updated on 7 July 2019
Here's Why Your Child Needs to Brush Thrice a Day

Though we know that the protocol of brushing is twice daily for children with minimal amount of toothpaste, it has been shown that some children will still develop cavities.

The reason is we do sometimes inherit saliva that’s rich in bacteria that causes cavities. If this is the case, cavities will still develop between the contacts of the teeth that are very tight. In this instance, if we want to prevent the cavities for good, we should brush three times a day, and floss before the evening brushing.

It’s very important to brush three times a day once our contacts are closed.

The contacts in the back between the back molars between the back teeth, the molars are normally closed when children turn 4 to 5. The reason is the big permanent adult molar erupts all the way in the back of the mouth and drift forward closing all the spaces between the baby teeth that are in the front.

The minute the contacts are closed we are supposed to brush 3 times a day: first thing in the morning, when children come back from school or after lunch, and in the evening.

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The evening brushing should be preceded by flossing. In this instance, it’s not only the removal of the food debris, it’s the bit of toothpaste that’s remaining and that will enrich the saliva with calcium and fluoride ions.

Kindly brush 3 times a day, floss before the evening brushing and you will be at lower risk.

In addition to the brushing, it’s very important to control the diet. If the diet is high in refined sugar, then additional brushing is expected after the refined sugar. If it’s a healthy natural sugar like in fruits, then drinking water will be sufficient.

We wish you a great summer with no cavities.