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Learn More about Sensory Challenges in Children

Dental cleaning can be a stressful time for kids…

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22 October 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Sensory Challenges in Children | Dentists in Dubai

We think that dentist’s cleaning is a simple procedure for children.

We always wonder why some children find it challenging to have cleaning done in the dentist’s office.

It is only after we got more knowledgeable about sensory challenges for children that we understood the difficulties they face during cleaning and of course to other dental treatments in the dentist’s office.

Cleaning stimulates and challenges all the senses in children.

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What are the senses that are stimulated in any dental visit?

  • Visual: Shape of place and tools- Dress and physical expressions of staff
  • Auditory: Noises of machinery in dentist’s office (suction, drill…)
  • Tactile: vibration of tools and machines used in the mouth
  • Gustatory: Flavors of dental materials- Texture of the cleaning paste and the roughness of its cleaning/scrubbing particles.
  • Olfactory: Smell of dental material and disinfectants.
  • Vestibular: Balance /ear when the dentist chair is reclined.
  • Proprioceptive: Hypotonicity of the muscles of the face of the child, resulting in the difficulty the child encounters to keep the mouth open.

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How to reduce the sensory input?

Introducing the child to the different steps of the treatment, basically what we call in the dentistry dialect: “Tell, Show, Do” is extremely important throughout our procedures, with a lot of positive reinforcement. Children then know what to expect. Their experiences with discomfort are so limited.

Children find our dental treatment often invasive!

Kindness, transparency and empathy are the basic values for any relationship. It also applies to the relationship the child builds with the dentist.

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