Setting a Food Schedule and Good Habits to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy |

Setting a Food Schedule and Good Habits to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Experts at Dr. Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic shines light on the importance of good dental hygiene for kids

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6 March 2019

Last updated on 10 March 2019
Setting a Food Schedule and Good Habits to Keep Toddlers and Kids Teeth Healthy

Ensure your child have three meals and two healthy snacks, and let them drink water and milk in between because milk and water are the only safe drinks.

To discuss furthermore on food schedule setting, it’s important to know that the teeth need time to recover between eating, for that let your child stick to water and milk in between meals.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks, soft drinks, and juice drinks that are sweetened with sugar. These shouldn’t have a place in your child’s diet.
  • Try to limit your kid unhealthy food intake, and in case it happens your child have an unhealthy meal, make the next meal a healthy one.
  • Avoid sugary snacks, or minimize its quantity, and it’s better to choose occasionally a sugary snack for your child at the end of a meal.
  • Make sure to stop sugary foods and drinks at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Encourage your baby to use a free-flow cup starting the age of 6 months. A free-flow cup is a cup from which liquid pours once it’s turned upside down.
  • Try to stop bottle feeding completely from the age of one year, ask your pharmacist on how to do this.
  • Most important, help your children making it a habit to brush their teeth before bed.


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