Top Paediatric Dentists in Dubai: Healthy & Bright Teeth For Your Child |

Top Paediatric Dentists in Dubai: Healthy & Bright Teeth For Your Child

Find the best paediatric dentists in Dubai, based on top parent reviews!

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24 January 2023

Last updated on 30 January 2023
Top Paediatric Dentists in Dubai

While dental anxiety can be a daunting concept for adults, you can imagine how worrisome it must be for children.

The fear of needles, high-pitched treatment noises, and pain can often discourage your children from visiting the dentist. At times, in order to curb dental visits, your children might put off or hide their dental problems until the issue develops and makes dental treatments an inevitable prospect. Hence, parents need to be cautious when selecting an appropriate dentist for their little one’s dental needs.

This means that apart from the obvious experience one expects from a dental professional, parents tend to seek or expect characteristics that are outside the scope of a dentist’s experience.

Kids require an atmosphere that is:

  • Clean.
  • Complete with technological advancements that can ease their child’s treatment procedures.
  • Free from elements that can overstimulate their children.
  • A hospitable environment.
  • And of course, friendly paediatric dentists in Dubai.

Although parents in Dubai are provided with exorbitant options for paediatric dentists, they often look for dentists that can provide a comfortable, informative, and lasting relationship with their children.

With the right type of dentist, your kid can embody a productive experience in the dental chair. Listed below are some of the best parent-approved (extracted from numerous patient testimonials) paediatric dentists in Dubai.

1.) Dr. Rafif Tayara

Canadian Paediatric Dentist in Dubai | Dr. Rafif Tayara

Pictured: Dr. Rafif Tayara

Dr. Rafif Tayara is a double board-certified paediatric dentist in Dubai with clinical experience that spans the eastern and western hemispheres, i.e., Canada, Lebanon, Qatar, and the UAE.

As a prestigious member of the European Association of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Rafif provides her little patients with expert dental care.

Speaking of expertise, Dr. Rafif brings to Dr. Michael's Children's Center a multitude of specialties, including sedation dentistry, oral rehabilitation, advanced treatment techniques, and a sophisticated approach to dental behaviour management.

Apart from excelling in different healthcare systems and organizational frameworks (private and public dental care providers), Dr. Rafif is a proud brand ambassador for one of the oldest oral healthcare Scandinavian brands, "Jordan".

She continues to spread knowledge about oral health awareness for children and help parents understand their children’s dental needs in a broader context.

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2.) Dr. Anila Virani

Dr. Anila Virani is one of the most prized experts at the Micris dental clinic. And, according to one of her numerous patient testimonials, Dr. Anila is reputed for providing dental care to her young patients with an unwavering commitment to quality and diligence.

Moreover, Dr. Anila's resounding compassion towards paediatric dentistry can be observed through her education (Queen Mary’s Dental School, University of London) as well as her initiatives (she is an active member of the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry).

From conducting comprehensive oral health exams on infants to diagnosing and treating children's dental problems, Dr. Anila strives to provide her young patients with a calm, comfortable, and friendly treatment experience.

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3.) Dr. Imneet Madan

Dr. Imneet Madan has over 16 years of experience in children's dentistry, bringing a modern vision and approach to providing children with pain-free dental care. As a valuable asset to the realm of modern dentistry, Dr. Imneet puts her best efforts forward to ensure that her young patients receive a comfortable experience at the dentist’s office.

Apart from proliferating the significance of laser dentistry at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, Dr. Imneet extends her vision by advocating for the need for a painless approach to dental care for kids.

Aided by rigorous training in laser-assisted paediatric endodontics, Dr. Imneet can provide expert clinical management of gum diseases in children.

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4.) Dr. Sally Serdaneh

With a master’s degree in paediatric dentistry and a diploma in Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), Dr. Sally Serdaneh of Micris Dental Clinic brings to parents and their children a forte of knowledge and expertise.

Under Dr. Sally’s specialized dental care, young patients can obtain a pain-free treatment experience. This is because Dr. Sally is proficient in other fields of the dental world, such as sedation dentistry, general anesthesia, and cosmetic dentistry.

In addition to practicing dental medicine, Dr. Sally has also been an active participant in preaching dental knowledge to those in need. As a prolific author of several articles in dental publications, Dr. Sally has become an award-winning paediatric dentist.

Apart from tending to her young patient's needs, Dr. Sally takes a special interest in providing extraordinary dental care for children with special needs.

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5.) Dr. Mai Kamar

Dr. Mai Kamar is a paediatric dental specialist with over 19 years of experience in catering to the dental needs of babies, children, and teenagers. With an extensive array of knowledge and skills, Dr. Mai Kamar prolonged her specialization by completing her mini residency in the USA.

Speaking of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Mai Kamar is every parent’s quintessential go-to paediatric dentist for treating children with problems like malocclusion, infected root canals, cavities, and much more.

In addition to this, Dr. Mai understands her young patients' needs and provides a hospitable environment that eliminates the scope of dental anxiety and fear among young patients. She is also trained to provide quality and comfortable dental treatments to patients with special needs.

Along with offering dental care services to both, the Arab and the Expatriate population, Dr. Mai extends her efforts to build strong and ongoing relationships with her patients, as well as their parents. Dr. Mai has now become a resident favourite paediatric dentist at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic.

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6.) Dr. Racha Kassar

Along with being a paediatric dentist of noteworthy experience, encompassing 14 years in the field, Dr. Racha Kassar has also acquired her specialization in laser dentistry. These efforts are put into play to provide her young patients with painless, quick-healing dental care. Under the umbrella of paediatric dentistry, Dr. Racha is also skilled in sedation dentistry and managing complex dental cases when needed.

Dr. Racha is a parent-approved children's dentist because she makes both her patients, and their parents feel at ease. With the notion that all children deserve the best dental care no matter how challenging their oral issues could be, Dr. Racha provides optimal treatment care to children with special needs.

Dr. Racha Kassar of Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic is the ideal destination for dental trauma management, dealing with dental emergencies, and providing apt treatment solutions for complicated and comprehensive orthodontic problems. She emphasizes that preventative dentistry is paramount, especially as a kid progresses through the different phases of oral development.

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To ensure that your little one has sound oral health throughout their lives, parents must incorporate positive reinforcements into their lives at an early age. A good children's dentist in Dubai plays a huge role in providing your children with the needed encouragement to pursue a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

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