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5 Great Wellbeing Podcasts to Give You a Boost

Here's our pick of easy-listening health and well-being podcasts to guide you

Best wellbeing podcasts to listen to

Brew up a cuppa and enjoy a moment of calm with these spirit-lifting listens...

Whether you’re looking for a comforting wellbeing broadcast to power you through an early start, or an in-ear PT to help take your gym gains to the next level, we’ve pulled together some of the best easy-listening health and well-being podcasts to guide you.

1. 10% Happier with Dan Harris

After Emmy Award-winning TV host Dan Harris suffered a panic attack live on Good Morning America, he discovered meditation as a way to help ease his crippling anxiety. A total wellness sceptic, he put pen to paper and wrote a bestseller on how the practice changed his life. Now the unlikely ‘omm’ champion has launched a podcast to take a deeper dive into the topic.

From a budding financier who threw it all in to train as a Buddhist monk, to an NBC executive that opened a meditation studio after suffering from burnout, Harris speaks to guests who have some pretty amazing (read: Highly relatable) stories about stress, modern life and the pursuit of inner happiness.

2. Ted Talks: Health

Smart-thinking platform TED has long been the go-to destination for easy-to-digest knowledge, the kind of knowledge you can later use to impress your friends at the dinner table. But did you know there’s a whole podcast dedicated to its best health and wellbeing lectures?

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A diverse network of doctors and researchers share their discoveries about the world of medical science, across topics ranging from mental health support for refugees, to what hospitals of the future might look like. With hundreds of hours of insightful audio on tap, this is the perfect podcast to zone out to on the treadmill while you hit those hard miles.

3. Muscle For Life

Keeping fit can be as confusing as it is painful. Sometimes what you really need is a muscled Adonis to tell you exactly what to do, but who’s got the spare cash to splash out on a personal trainer to follow you about 24/7?

Thank goodness then for Mike Matthews, a trainer who’s had more than seven million downloads of his podcast Muscle For Life. Tune in as he chews over some of the trickiest fitness quandaries out there, from how to improve fat loss, to the right and wrong ways to bench press.

4. Run, Selfie, Repeat by Kelly Roberts

If you struggle to peel the pillow from your face and venture out on an early morning jog, this pavement pounding blogger’s weekly pep talks might be all you need to fire up your inner Mo Farah.

From powering through bad days to dealing with pre-race nerves, Roberts’ audio inspo is the mental primer you need to get pumped about taking on that 10K, half marathon, or full 26.2 miles. At around 15-20-minutes, the episodes are just long enough for you to click the kettle on and indulge in a pre-run cuppa, too.

5. Sleep With Me

We know, we know. We’re supposed to get eight hours sleep each night. We’re also supposed to stick to a regular sleep-and-wake routine too. But sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially if your mind is in overdrive.

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This twice-weekly podcast is just the antidote for insomniacs looking to quieten the internal whirring. They’re basically a collection of ‘silly bedtime stories for adults’, which are designed to distract you from whatever is keeping you awake at night. Ingeniously ambling, and told in creator Drew Ackerman’s drawling voice, we challenge you to make it through to the end without dozing off. You’ll be snoring in no time.



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