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5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Travelling From Dubai

Avoid sicknesses when flying by taking these 5 easy steps to protect your health

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9 September 2018

Last updated on 26 November 2018
Stay healthy while flying from Dubai

Don’t forget to pack your health right when flying next time you take a trip abroad from Dubai.

Before jet-setting across the world, leaving behind all the stress, responsibilities and negative energy, flyers excitedly prepare their suitcase for their upcoming flight - packing clothes, shoes, electronics, make-up, and making sure everything is in check.

However, rarely do passengers take some time to make sure their health is protected before boarding on a flight thousands of feet above ground. And the Emirates Airline flight 203 from the UAE to New York’s JFK experienced just that.

While mid-air on board the flight last Wednesday, passengers called on crew members with symptoms of feeling ill with many complaining of fevers, coughs, headaches and sore throats.

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After almost a dozen passengers reported feeling the same symptoms, the Emirates pilot notified officials on the ground at the JFK airport. The reported number eventually increased to about 100 passengers by the time the plane landed around 9:20 am, causing the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to intervene and quarantine the airplane for several hours.

Fearing that a virus had spread to all 521 passengers on the plane, all passengers were examined by medical officials. Ten passengers were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Centre, while nine others declined medical attention.

Some passengers were finally allowed to leave the JFK terminal around noon after the long 14-hour flight they had just endured.

This unfortunate incident has caused some controversy on whether passengers became sick before or during the flight – with many reports suggesting it was induced by food poisoning, and others claiming the passengers were sick before the flight.

Whether the symptoms were induced before or during the flight, there are various pre-flight tricks to protect your health when flying abroad. Here’s 5 of our top tips to protect your health when travelling from Dubai…

1. Eat a healthy meal before you fly

You might think this one is a given, but many passengers often forget to eat a healthy and filling meal before embarking on their flight.

Having said that, it’s always good to pre-pack your food or choose healthier alternatives at the airport – choose meals that have plenty of vegetables and lean meats and avoid greasy and heavy meals will won’t help you sleep better during the flight.

2. Stay hydrated

While the plane reaches altitudes of 30,000+ feet while flying, the plane’s circulation systems can often dry out the air due to the lack of humidity in the cabin. And this can cause your eyes, nose, mouth and throat to dry out – making it extremely important to monitor your water intake.

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If you’re already feeling under the weather before flying, it’s also suggested to pack a nasal spray or an oral decongestant and eye drops to prevent dryness.

Try not to consume too much alcohol or fizzy drinks, too, as these can also lead to dehydration while in the air.

3. Stock up on vitamin C & D

Also known to increase your immunity, Vitamin C is just what you need to shock your healthy and keep it in check – it’s a strong antioxidant that helps with blood pressure, chronic disease, heart disease and much more. And the easiest way is to just enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice before you fly.

And because you’ll be seated for long hours, Vitamin D will help the calcium in your bones.

4. Use public areas with caution

Thousands of people pass through airports every single day, making it a definite germ hub no matter how posh the airport may be.

So it’s always advised to carry some sort of sanitizer or disinfectant wipes and taking caution to the things you may be touching to avoid catching or transmitting any germs.

5. Get a goodnight's sleep

Sleeping well the night before will do wonders to your health before your flight and getting those required eight hours of sleep should be mandatory even if it means calling it a very early night.

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Sleep produces natural levels of melatonin, which helps in restoring the immune system and can help if reducing the chances of nabbing a virus.

Avoiding a hardened flight like the Emirates E203 to New York is definitely doable with the right ways to monitor your health before and during the flight. So avoid getting sick no matter on whose expense!