Vaginal Sweat & Odour After a Workout: Why It Happens and How to Manage It |

Let's Talk About Sweat and Odour 'Down There'

Ever wonder why your crotch gets so sweaty after a workout, or why your fitness leggings have a strong odour? Don’t be embarrassed. It’s not just you.

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28 January 2021

Last updated on 2 February 2021
Let's Talk About Sweat and Odour 'Down There'

Anyone with a vagina knows it makes a lot of liquid.

This discharge keeps it from drying out and regulates vaginal pH to prevent infections. But what about outside of the vagina?

Just like the hair follicle-filled armpit and scalp, the vulva has sweat glands that secrete moisture to help keep your skin cool. While wet underwear can be annoying, a little genital sweat on a hot day or during an intense home workout session is totally normal. However, there are some reasons why you might be sweating too much.

If you’re soaking through your clothes while you’re just sitting around, you could have hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes you to sweat more than necessary. While it’s obvious why you’re sweating bullets when it’s summer, intimate area sweating during a strenuous workout can be extremely uncomfortable.

Just like your other parts of the body, your vulva sweats excessively so here is a tip to stay dry: When you feel the effects of sweating, we recommend that you wipe your intimate area with a specially designed feminine wipe like femfresh freshening and soothing wipes – as opposed to baby wipes or toilet paper – to reduce irritation and discomfort.

But this is just one solution. Is there anything else that can be done before or after exercise to keep our intimate skin cared for? Glad you asked.

1. Choose cotton underwear

Lace and silk underwear is a bit ‘ooh-la-la’ but it won’t help when it comes to sweating. Best avoid these when exercising and on hot days. Rather, choose a breathable material such as cotton. It’ll keep you cool and reduce sweating. You can also try underwear that are specially designed to deal with sweat.

2. Remove sweaty/damp clothes

After a few laps in the pool or a particularly vigorous HIIT session, make sure to change into clean, dry clothing straight away – hanging around in sweaty/damp clothes can allow bacteria to develop. If you can't change straight away, use a femfresh intimate wipe to freshen up and care for skin.

3. Use specially designed powder for your intimate skin

Using powder on hot days or when exercising is a great way to soak up sweat. But make sure to use a powder that’s specially designed for your intimate skin. Something like femfresh Re-Balance intimate powder would be perfect since it is talc-free.

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