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We Found the Ultimate Health and Wellness Retreat in the UAE

We stole a little serenity and enjoyed a health boost with the UAE's first dedicated wellness resort

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29 June 2022

Last updated on 29 June 2022
Zoya Health and Wellness Resort UAE honest review

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Take a road trip to revitalising yourself at this gorgeous oasis in the UAE.

There are zero things wrong with ending your week with a trip to the beach, or a rocking Saturday brunch with the girls. But aren't weekend escapes so much better if it actually lifts your spirits and gives you some well-deserved pampering?

With all the summer heat, traffic jams, and the everyday hustle and bustle, peace can be hard to come by in our busy expat lives.

That's why we found ourselves at Zoya Health and Wellness Resort, a health-oriented getaway and the first of its kind in the UAE.

Zoya Health and Wellness Resort pool

As soon as you approach this stunning Ajman resort, you instantly feel a sense of calm. The complex is set with the backdrop of a new modern golf course and the historic Mangroves, home to over 50 types of bird species.

We were booked into the Wellness Package that is anything but cookie-cutter, comprised of introductory one-on-one consultations that were then matched to our needs to offer us the perfect treatments.

Zoya Health and Wellness Resort Ajman UAE honest review

The Body Composition analysis was a high-tech look at the breakdown of all aspects of the body inclusive of fat/muscle/water/salt content which focuses on areas to work on to improve wellbeing as a whole.

The next consultation was integrated medicine which was an informative look at your individual health needs. Both Doctors we consulted with were highly knowledgeable, offering excellent personalised advice to improve our lifestyles.

Zoya Health and Wellness Resort food

Our treatments were structured around our consultation to assist and improve our wellbeing. The physio water bed relaxation was a soothing and mind enhancing therapy that completely de-stressed me.

Following this we had a Swedish massage which was incredibly enjoyable which worked the muscles and soft tissues providing calm and balance.

Zoya Health and Wellness Resort physio water bed relaxation

We finished our stay with a traditional Turkish Hammam which eased all muscle tension and allowed deep relaxation. Since having it, I have really noticed an improvement in my skin being brighter and softer.

The whole experience at Zoya Health and Wellness Resort was wonderful - a truly magnificent way to let go of stress and enhance one's health. We arrived with the pressures of the week on our shoulders and left the resort fully refreshed, revitalised, and ready to take on the world again.

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Zoya Health and Wellness Resort UAE
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The region’s first fully integrated wellness experience, we offer a unique and holistic approach to mind and body rejuvenation. ZOYA’s methods are integrative and holistic, with a range of treatments coming together to create customized wellbeing retreat journeys. Detoxing and therapeutic fasting are central to what we offer, along with physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, and the right nutrition to boost vitality and vigour. Let ZOYA guide you through a journey of rest, relaxation, and better health.

ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort, Al Zorah Marina Plot: 2, Ajman, United Arab Emirates