How to Request for Covid-19 Isolation at a DHA Quarantine Facility |

How to Request for Covid-19 Isolation at a DHA Quarantine Facility

A step by step guide on how UAE residents, tourists and temporary visitors can request for isolation at a DHA facility, including what to expect there

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11 January 2022

Last updated on 1 February 2022
How to Apply for Covid-19 Isolation at a DHA Quarantine Facility: An Expat Guide

Should you test positive for Covid-19 while in Dubai, you are required to self-isolate for a mandatory period of at least 10 days, according to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

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Those infected with the virus must self-isolate in their own room, separate from other household members. But if you're unable to self-isolate because you live in a shared home, or if you're staying in a hotel room with others who are not infected, you can request for isolation at a DHA quarantine facility in Dubai.

Whether you're a UAE resident, a tourist, or a temporary visitor, here's how to request for Covid-19 isolation at a DHA quarantine facility, including what to expect during isolation. We also answer some frequently asked questions about DHA's isolation facilities, including if you have to pay for your stay, if food is provided, when can you leave, etc.

1. Call DHA at 800 342

To request an isolation stay at DHA's Covid-19 quarantine facility, you will need to call them at 800 342.

How to request for DHA isolation facility pick up in Dubai

Follow the dial menu until you speak with a call centre agent. Explain your situation and provide the following details:

  • The date you tested positive.
  • You must request to be admitted into DHA's quarantine facility, and provide the reason why. They typically prioritise cases who live in shared households, and people who live with at-risk individuals such as the elderly, children, and those with chronic diseases.
  • The call centre agent might ask for your Emirates ID number, passport number (for tourists and visitors), or your Medical Record Number (MRN).

You will be asked to wait for a call-back from DHA to confirm your request for facility isolation.

2. Wait for DHA's call back confirming your pick-up.

When your request to be admitted into an isolation facility is approved, you will receive a call from DHA confirming this. They will ask for your location and phone number, and they might also request for your Emirates ID number, MRN, or passport number.

You will be informed that a Covid taxi will be arranged to pick you up from your location. After you receive your call, use this time to pack your belongings for your stay.

Please note that you are responsible for paying the taxi fare from your location to the facility. Once you are discharged, you are also responsible for arranging and paying your own taxi pickup from the facility.

How to request for DHA isolation facility pick up in Dubai

3. What to bring to the DHA isolation facility.

Isolation will last for at least 10 days from the date you tested positive for Covid-19.

We recommended bringing the following with you in a large bag or small to medium-sized suitcase:

  • At least 10 days' worth of clothes.
  • Electronics such as your phone, chargers, and laptop (if you are working remotely).
  • Slippers.
  • Any regular medications you have, or medicines you've been prescribed by your doctor.
  • Anything that can help pass the time, such as a book.
  • Passport (for tourists and visitors)
  • Money (for the taxi fare to and from the facility).
  • Emirates ID.
  • Phone screenshot or print-out of your positive PCR test.

The following will be provided for you at the quarantine facility free of charge:

  • A bed with a pillow, pillowcase, blanket, and bedsheet.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Daily meals, three times a day.
  • Water, tea, and coffee.
  • A kettle in your room.
  • Soap and shampoo.
  • A bath towel.
  • 24/7 Wi-Fi.

If you run out of supplies, you can request more from the ground floor security or the building's staff.

What to bring to DHA isolation facility in Dubai

4. Wait for the Covid taxi to pick you up from your location.

Due to the surge of positive cases in Dubai, you might face some delay with your taxi pickup. On the same day that DHA calls you to confirm your request for isolation, expect a call from the driver telling you that he's arrived at your location.

If you don't receive the driver's call on the same day, we recommend following up with DHA at least twice a day afterwards. If someone else in your household has also requested for isolation, you can join them in the same taxi going to the facility.

5. Admittance into a DHA Covid-19 quarantine facility.

When I tested positive for the virus, I was picked up by a Covid taxi and sent to the Hind Humanitarian City isolation facility located in Warsan, Dubai.

Once you've arrived, you will be admitted by an on-site nurse and assigned to your room. During your stay, your health condition will be regularly monitored by on-site DHA doctors and nurses.

A nurse will take your vitals everyday and ask about your condition. Be honest about your symptoms so the doctor can prescribe the best possible care and medicine for your case.

You are not allowed to roam outside of your room unless the staff permits it. During isolation, we were often allowed to go outside to an open-air compound within the facility to walk around, stretch, and get some fresh air.

Where is the DHA isolation quarantine facility in Dubai?

Frequently Asked Questions about DHA's isolation facilities

Do I have to pay for my stay at the quarantine facility?

DHA's Covid-19 isolation facilities offers paid and free options.

Staying at a DHA Covid-19 isolation facility is free of charge if you opt to share an isolation room with other patients. Each shared room typically has 3-4 other people of the same gender, with varying cases - they may be asymptomatic or showing strong symptoms.

If you don't wish to share an isolation room with other people, you can choose the paid option.

Are the facilities separated by gender or are they shared?

Yes, the facility's buildings are separated by gender. If you are a woman, you will be admitted into a facility with other female patients. If you are a man, you will be admitted into a facility with other male patients.

What about families who test positive?

If you are a family of around 3-4 people including the father, mother, and younger children below 18 years old, you can try to request to share a room together in the same facility. However, mothers and their young children will typically be admitted together in the women's facilities. The father will be admitted to the men's facilities.

Is food available at DHA quarantine facilities?

Regardless of whether you opt for a free or paid stay, food and drink are provided for free during your time at the facility. These will be delivered to your room three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will have the option to choose continental/international food, Indian cuisine, Filipino dishes, Arab food, etc.

Food at DHA isolation quarantine facility in Dubai

Pictured: A Filipino lunch meal provided at the isolation facility. Baked fish with vegetables, steamed rice, salad, and fresh fruit.

Food and milk are also available for children and babies, free of charge.

You can have outside food, groceries, and mail packages delivered to your room at the DHA quarantine facility. Please note that all outside deliveries will be held and collected at the front gate security, and will be delivered to patients after a few hours in batches.

Are Covid-19 PCR tests available at the quarantine facility?

PCR tests are not offered at DHA's quarantine facility at request. Some patients may be randomly chosen by staff to take a PCR test, however it is not a provided service that you can request. You can take a Covid-19 test outside the facility after leaving.

When can I leave the facility?

Once you are admitted into DHA's quarantine facility, you are required to stay there for at least 10 days from the date you tested positive for Covid-19.

You cannot leave until you receive clearance from a facility doctor and a discharge note from a facility nurse.

If 10 days has passed and you are still showing symptoms, the doctor may ask you to take another PCR test.