Rumors About Harmful Nail Polish In Dubai Have Been Refuted |

Rumors About Harmful Nail Polish In Dubai Have Been Refuted

Residents in Dubai have nothing to worry about as these rumours have been shut down by authorities

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29 October 2018

Last updated on 29 October 2018

If you were planning on getting your nails done and stopped because of circulating rumours, then you have nothing to worry about

The worries of residents in Dubai who have been asking about whether or not some nail polish brands are harmful have now been put at ease.

Dubai Municipality and authorities have shut down the rumours circulating about nail polish brands containing triphenyl phosphate in the UAE and confirmed that all cosmetic nail polish brands are safe.

Announced in their social media post, Dubai Municipality said the following:

“Dubai Municipality denies the rumour of triphosphonyl phosphate danger in nail polish. The substance has not been banned, or restricted worldwide, specifically in personal care products.”

The substance is used in many products such as furniture, plastic curtains, bathrooms, plastic toys and nail polish,” the municipality added.



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