Your Dubai Health Insurance Will Soon Cover Mental Health |

Your Dubai Health Insurance Will Soon Cover Mental Health

According to the Dubai Health Care Corporation, mandatory health insurance in Dubai will soon be reviewed

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30 October 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
Mental health included in Dubai health insurance

To date, mental health treatments have not been covered by mandatory health insurance in the emirate.

But it has been revealed by the Dubai Health Care Corporation that mandatory health insurance in Dubai will be reviewed. Meaning your health insurance plan will soon include mental health treatments.

The changes will also see the costs of rehabilitation of debilitating physical and neurological conditions included in health insurance plans.
Dr Younis Al Kazim, CEO of newly formed Dubai Health Care Corporation (DHC) said: “Many a time patients especially that of stroke require more than a few weeks of rehabilitative care. We are working to include longer period of rehabilitation sessions in the health insurance package”, Gulf News reported.

Mental health issues have so far not been covered in health insurance plans in Dubai.

“Mental health is going to be part of the public health strategy”, Al Kazim explained.

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“We cannot ignore it as it is important in providing stability to an individual at home and at the workplace. Many a time, patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) who may have suffered a cardiac episode or a poly trauma case, get affected psychologically living in the fear of losing life.”

He added that this results in a long period of separation from family who are unable to reconnect emotionally.

“We have had several cases of patients going into depression once they were discharged, making it difficult for them to reintegrate into the community and be productive.

“Now we are working to have mental health included in health insurance.”

According to Gulf News however, the move will push up insurance premiums – and it remains to be seen who will bear the expenses of expanding the insurance coverage.