WATCH: Why Egg Freezing Can Be An Empowering Option for Women in the UAE |

WATCH: Why Egg Freezing Can Be An Empowering Option for Women in the UAE

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Michael Fakih discusses the benefits of egg freezing for women and why you should consider it.

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8 March 2022

Last updated on 23 May 2022
Egg freezing in Dubai: Where to do it with Fakih IVF Centre

Ever considered egg freezing in Dubai?

We would like to share with you an exclusive interview between the founder of Mayshad Group, women's advocate, author, influencer, and most importantly a mother; Ms. Nezha Alaoui and Dr. Michael Fakih, founder of Fakih IVF, Consultant Reproductive Endocrinologist And Infertility - OB/GYN & Group Medical Director.

The eye-opening interview discusses how egg freezing can be an empowering choice for women in the UAE.

The procedure allows women who are not ready to have children for a range of reasons, such as relationships, careers, finances, or other reasons, to freeze their eggs without losing their opportunity to become a mother in the future.

Watch the interview below:

The founder of Fakih IVF, Dr. Michael Fakih, discusses Egg Freezing and how it empowers women with Ms. Nezha Alaoui, women's advocate and founder of Mayshad group.

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