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10 Easy Ways to Switch Off

With all our busy schedules it’s sometimes difficult to switch off, but we all need to take a break every once in a while...

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25 July 2016

Last updated on 26 July 2017
10 Easy Ways to Switch Off
As women, most of us have busy schedules and we work hard to keep track of all our daily obligations. This busy lifestyle has left us with virtually no time for ourselves and this has somehow become an acceptable part of our life, where we put everything and everyone ahead of ourselves. 

When we aren't at work or doing our daily chores, we are plugged into our smartphones and the world of social media. We are often so engaged with our duties and our smartphones (that are taking over our lives) that we are not present in life.


Think, when was the last time you went outside and read a book or sat at a park, or did something special just for you, without any technology and any baggage?

Well ladies, this stops today!

10 Easy Ways to Switch Off

Switching off from technology and from the workaholic lifestyle can do wonders for you, we’re talking physically, emotionally and mentally, let's face it, we could all use a break. We’ve got a number of tips to help you switch off from your busy schedule and switch on to life and the beautiful elements that surround you every single day.

Devices OFF

Relax without having to wonder what the social media world is up to. It’s important that you turn your phone off for a little while every day. Even if it’s just for an hour. That hour will be like an hour you never had that you are finally taking control of.

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Go to the park

Take a stroll at the park and listen as the birds' chirp and the children run freely around the park. Sitting at the park and truly appreciating the little things in life without the use of any devices or any unnecessary gadgets can be quite therapeutic.

Read a book

If you find a book that really speaks to you, don’t put it down! Submerge yourself into a good book to keep you busy and relaxed. Reading can be calming and soothing, not to mention that it helps improve your vocabulary as well!

Adopt a pet

Nothing will occupy your time and still make you feel warm and comforted except a furry baby. Just make sure that you can take care of it and have enough funds to take it with you when you decide to relocate.

Spoil yourself

You deserve a little TLC lady! Head over to the local spa and get yourself a manicure, pedicure and hey squeeze in that massage that you’ve been putting off for months.

Get into a new hobby

If you’re crafty, head over to the local craft shop and pick up some supplies. If you are artistic, try making a new painting and if you are musically talented, maybe it’s time you learn how to play a new instrument.

Woman relaxing


Go for a quick getaway this weekend and spend the day at the beach or take a trip somewhere that you’ve never been to before.

Coffee with a friend

Go out with your friends. Going out with friends will never be a dull time. Pick a date and head off with your friends to coffee, movies or even dinner.

Binge watch television

If you are at home with nothing to do, immerse yourself in a television show and binge watch. Try not to make a habit out of it, but a little binge watching every now and again won’t do much harm.

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Go to the beach 

What could be more relaxing that lying under the sun with the sound of the sea hitting the shore and the gentle touch of the wind breezing past you? Enjoy a day at the beach and finally relax! Go ahead, you earned this.