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6 Gym Trends We Hope Will Die in 2020

We’re ready to see the back of this lot.

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23 December 2019

Last updated on 8 January 2020
6 Gym Trends We Hope Will Die in 2020

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Every year, we get excited about new fitness trends that promise to make exercise more fun and effective...

But for every new cult spinning brand and explosive HIIT class we can’t wait to try, there’s also a gym trend we’re secretly hoping will die a quick and speedy death

Here are a few we’ll happily wave goodbye to in 2020…

1. Lattice sports bras

Or any sports bra that has fiddly elements that slow you down when you’re trying to rush into a gym class.

We take particular umbrage with those that have complicated criss-cross straps, that require several goes over your head before you can work out where your arms are meant to go.

Getting dressed being a workout in itself? We’ll pass, thanks.

2. Sweat-proof make-up

This year, athleisure beauty became a very real thing. From foundation that doesn’t slide when you sweat, to industrial-strength fixing sprays that hold your mascara and eye liner in place, plenty of brands jumped on the exercise-specific cosmetics bandwagon.

Call us cynical, but we don’t think hitting the gym with a full face of make-up is a great habit. We’ll sacrifice looking attractive during our workout for clear and healthy skin.

3. Smug gym selfies

This trend has been doing the rounds for a few years now, but as Instagram only gets bigger (and phone cameras better), there seems to be no end in sight for the smug gym selfie.

There are a few classic poses to recognise: the ‘check out my abs’ shot in the mirror, the ‘here I am with my post-workout shake’ boomerang, and the ultra-smug ‘crushed my workout before 6am’ post.

4. Plastic bottles

Here’s a trend that we’re definitely happy to see the back of gym fridges stacked to the brim with single-use plastic water bottles.

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With global statistics suggesting that humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute, it can only be a good thing that more and more gyms are pledging to ditch them.

5. VersaClimber classes

If it isn’t already on your radar, all you need to know is that the VersaClimber is basically a torture device and should be avoided at all costs.

This relatively innocent-looking machine mimics the sensation of climbing a mountain and provides a blistering full-body workout. It was originally popular in the 1980s but has made a comeback thanks to celebs like Lady Gaga and Hilary Duff. Spend just a few minutes panting on the VersaClimber and you’ll soon realise how painful a 45-minute class would be.

This is one gym class trend we’re happy to skip next year.



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