How to Get Your Body Back After Baby Delivery |

How to Get Your Body Back After Baby Delivery

Ease back to your pre-baby body with this simple fitness routine.

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9 August 2017

Last updated on 25 February 2018
How to Get Your Body Back After Baby Delivery
Doing a million crunches to get rid of your post–baby belly won't work, in fact, you'll make it worse, you don't need to do those exercises yet because crunches are strengthening & toning your abdominal muscles. You should only work the outer abdominal muscles without strengthening the underlying ones. 
Here are a few tips for you, postnatal fitness mummies:
  • Do not return to postnatal fitness workout until their bleeding has stopped. If a woman gave birth via cesarean section she needs to wait 6 weeks before rejoining a class.
  • Schedule for your daily exercise even walking with a stroller or a few sets of stretches during your baby’s nap time, find some time each day to move your body.
  • Take it easy and start getting back slowly with postnatal fitness workout to tone the transverse, your deepest abdominal muscle quickly. If your doctor's say “you are good to go”, then try a few easy moves!
  • Choose the right fitness class ( Pilates, Yoga, fitness workout...) according to your body condition. One important thing is to talk to your Fitness Instructor, therefore, he or she can give you the right instructions for your exercises, it depends on each body condition.
  • Breathing is also very important, so find a few minutes to breathe with purpose, your body will benefit from the oxygen and stress will slowly go away.
  • Must eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and try to eat whole foods. Must drink water to avoid dehydration, especially if you are breastfeeding, take about two or more litres a day.
  • Resting is also important. So, include a few moments to simply relax post-workout can really help replenish you and help de-stress your body.
Hopefully these ideas of how to ease back into a fitness routine postnatal have been helpful!
Ha Bowtell
Pilates & Barre Instructor