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Introvert vs. Extrovert

Introverts and extroverts can come in a variety of different personality characteristics.

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28 March 2016

Last updated on 26 July 2017
Introvert vs. Extrovert
While many naturally assume that introverts are extremely shy and quiet, and extroverts are hyperactive and loud, the truth is, many people who seem like extroverts are secretly introverts and vice-versa.

Quite the opposite of extroverts, Introverts are known to focus primarily on their internal feelings.

While most introverts enjoy being alone, reading books and avoid large social gatherings, a number of introverts do enjoy social gatherings and are outgoing by nature, making them mistaken for an extrovert.

The truth is, though some are quiet, the outgoing extroverts are socially active, but enjoy keeping their feelings and emotions private.

  • Characteristics of an Introvert

Social gatherings

Introverts enjoy time to their selves. That being said, introverts generally enjoy going out and meeting people, however, being around a lot of people does put a strain on them as they can become exhausted after meeting so many people.

Unlike extroverts, who gain more energy from social interactions, introverts become exhausted and often feel that their energy is drained from large social gatherings.

This however, does not mean that introverts like to shelter themselves. On the contrary, many introverts enjoy social gatherings and are likely to enjoy the company of their closest friends instead of a large over-the-top party.

Alone time

Alone time is very important for an introvert, because they appreciate a quiet afternoon to themselves.

For most introverts, a quiet evening spent doing their favourite hobby or activity is the perfect way to fuel up their energy.

However, this does not mean that they can’t stand the thought of being with people.

Introverts enjoy their alone time, but also have a good balance where they love spending time with their friends and other people in small social gatherings.

They may however, go home and spend some alone time again to reflect on their day and to recharge their energy after such assemblies!

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A few friends

Introverts don’t commonly enjoy large gatherings, however, this does not mean that they are not friendly or don’t enjoy having friends.

In fact, introverts enjoy being around their small circle of friends.

Rather than having a large group of friends, introverts rely on their small group of close friends, in which they can trust and depend on, rather than a large group of friends that can seem artificial.


Though they are often described as shy, reserved and quiet, introvert are not necessarily as timid as they come across.

In fact, many introverts don’t mind small chitchat, but like to keep the conversation short.

  • Characteristics of an extrovert

Social Butterfly

While it is widely recognized, extroverts enjoy meeting new people and going to social gatherings.

Generally speaking, extroverts can be identified as social, enthusiastic, friendly, out-going and talkative.

Unfortunately, due to their bubbly and often over-the-top personality, extroverts can often be seen as easily distracted attention seekers, who are unable or fearful of being alone, this however, has been shunned by many extroverts as a myth.


Due to their overly enthusiastic personalities, extroverts can gain interest in many activities.

They enjoy being busy and often have no problem from jumping from one task to another.


If you’re in an uncomfortable situation, you can always count on an extrovert to break the ice and tension by opening conversations.

Extroverts enjoy talking and meeting new people, thus, they are able to easily adapt in any condition and change the ambiance of the situation to a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Centre of attention

Though they don’t necessarily do it on purpose, extroverts are often the centre of attention, and they don’t mind!

Due to their over-the-top, bubbly and talkative nature, extroverts often attract attention to themselves. In a good situation, they can be seen as the light of the party, but in a bad situation, they can be seen as desperate attention seekers.

Acts before they think

With so much optimism and excitement, extroverts may often act upon something, without carefully thinking it through.

Alone time

While some extroverts enjoy alone time every once in a while, most extroverts prefer to spend time with people, as the idea of being alone can feel like seclusion to them.

This,however, is not to say that they are uncomfortable being alone. It is not a discomfort as much as it is a preference.


Extroverts have no problem confronting their thoughts and feelings and sharing them with others.

Extroverts are like an open book, they don’t have a problem telling you about their feelings and their emotions and look to others when seeking inspiration and advice.

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While many people believe that they are either an introvert or an extrovert, the truth is that most people are a bit of both.

Looking through the characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert, you will find some characteristics that you relate to from both sides.

You may lean more to one side, but being in between the introvert and the extrovert is also a great balance for many people.