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These Are The Things Nobody Tells You When You Overhaul Your Diet

Two words: It’s hard

6 Things Nobody Tells You When You Overhaul Your Diet

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With summer fast approaching, chances are you might have thought about making some changes to your diet. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to kick your sugar addiction or you’re simply hoping to wake up in the morning with a bit more energy, there are loads of reasons to overhaul your eating habits.

If you’re looking for inspiration at any age too, check out Simon Cowell, who has just revealed he’s practically gone vegan. The 59-year-old confirmed he’s focusing on his health after suffering a fall in 2017, and “hasn’t looked back” since making the switch to plant-based living.

“I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar — those were the four main things,” he told The Sun.,

“I loved those comfort foods, that’s all I’ve eaten all my life. I love jam tarts, hamburgers, spaghetti Bolognese. I can eat fish, but this year I will go the whole way.”

While we all know that making healthy changes to your lifestyle is a good thing – like getting five portions of fruit and veg per day – we also know that giving up on the bad stuff can be ludicrously hard.

Five portions of fruit and veg per day

If you’re thinking of switching things up ahead of the summer season (and we always recommend you speak to a doctor or registered dietitian beforehand), here are some of the emotions you should be prepared to feel…

1. The honeymoon phase ends pretty quickly

The first day you swap your usual bacon sarnie for a virtuous bircher muesli bowl, you’ll feel practically saint-like. The old you would have already been onto your second coffee by now too, but the new you is determined to stay energised by willpower and motivational quotes on Instagram.

Two weeks later though, and it’s a different story – you’re internally screaming ‘Just let me live!’ as you crunch on your umpteenth bowl of cold oats and cry into other people’s snaps of frothy lattes, cheese burgers and leftover Easter egg chocolate.

2. Speaking of chocolate, you’ll really miss it

…and cheese, doughnuts, biscuits, and cake too. Afternoons at your desk that used to be spent snacking on sweet treats are now incredibly tedious. Sure, everyone else is super impressed that you’re casually chomping on cashew nuts, but it’s taking every ounce of your willpower not to withdraw your paycheck and rinse it all on the office vending machine.

3. Night-time cravings are a real thing

Whether it’s a glass of vino or mountain of Tiramisu, an evening catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones becomes a battle with your brain to not give in to your internal cravings. With all the hard work you’ve done so far, you deserve a cheat day, right?

4. Everyone will have an opinion on your new diet

‘Bananas are bad for you’, ‘Carbs are the devil’ – there’s some pretty dodgy diet advice out there, and once you reveal you’re having an overhaul, everyone will have something to say about it. Try to cut out the noise and always stick to smart food rules from a registered dietitian – above all, don’t be tempted to give in to fad diet advice.

5. If you push through the first month though, you’ll feel pretty great about yourself

It’s a tough road, but you’ve made it through the worst days. You’re glowing with pride at how far you’ve come, and you even ask yourself why it took you so long to get started. Who knew you had such amazing mental strength?!

6. Noticing the results is pretty incredible

Whether it’s clearer skin from drinking more water, or dropping a few extra pounds by cutting out unnecessary snacking, seeing the fruits of your labour makes those evenings of tedious meal prep all feel worth it. Heck, you’re even tempted to join the gym, cut out the booze and take up meditation too. It’s a whole new you. Now, where did you put those cashew nuts…



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