Scar Less Thyroid Surgery; A Revolutionary Surgery Now in Dubai |

Scar Less Thyroid Surgery; A Revolutionary Surgery Now in Dubai

International Modern Hospital in Dubai offers the revolutionary scar less and minimally invasive thyroid surgery.

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25 December 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Scar Less Thyroid Surgery; A Revolutionary Surgery Now in Dubai

It feels like a throwback to a bygone era now talking of open thyroidectomy surgery. It used to be an acceptable and a classical treatment for thyroid irrespective of lobectomy, removal of a nodule in the thyroid gland or total thyroidectomy.

Science has evolved and minimally invasive surgery has come into play. No need for a long neck scar for thyroid surgery which used to be acceptable in the past but is considered a nightmare these days.

Thyroid is an organ lying in the neck covered by strap muscles, fat and skin. Any nodularity, growth or swelling of the gland needs investigations. Investigations include ultrasound, thyroid function tests and if needed a needle biopsy called fine needle aspiration cytology. After investigating if the disease needs to be surgically removed we have options whether to go for an open or a minimally invasive procedure.

As discussed in this era, every individual wants to have a cosmetically acceptable surgery and so an open thyroid surgery with a big scar is no more considered as a gold standard or procedure of choice these days. Endoscopic thyroidectomy has taken over open surgery. Multiple approaches for endoscopic thyroidectomy are available as per the expertise of the surgeon. It includes transoral, through axilla or through breast.

Scar Less Thyroid Surgery at International Modern Hospital, Dubai

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Minimally invasive surgery has been adopted for thyroid since 1996 where Ganger performed the first one. It has been more than two decades and today people talk of improving the technique to reduce the morbidity related to the procedure. Main rationale for introducing and practicing the technique is to have a cosmetically better result as well as less scarring of the neck.

We have operated a young female with multinodular goiter via endoscopic technique.  The operative time was 90 minutes as being similar to open technique. The planes were better visualized as well as it was easier to identify parathyroid gland as well as recurrent laryngeal nerve. Postoperatively patient did well and was discharged the next day in a stable condition. She came for follow up and was happy with the procedure specifically mentioning about the cosmesis as well as that her pain did not last long and she can continue her daily routine as she was doing before just after one week of the surgery.

Thyroid Surgery at International Modern Hospital

With the advent of endoscopic surgery for thyroid, the acceptance for the surgical management for thyroid has increased.  In the literature though they mention the conversion rate from endoscopic to open surgery but they have been very few in recent times.

With endoscopic thyroidectomy training of surgeons, life has become much easier. The learning curve is not that long and it is a safe as well as a cosmetically acceptable procedure.

Scar Less Thyroid Surgery; A Revolutionary Surgery Now in Dubai

Dr. Rohit Kumar
Medical Director
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