The World’s Largest Car Dance Was Recorded By The UAE |

The World’s Largest Car Dance Was Recorded By The UAE

With close synchronization, the cars followed one and another into the desert

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1 November 2018

Last updated on 6 November 2018

The UAE made headlines once again this week

You’ll never guess what else the UAE added to its world-record-breaking track record.

The largest dance performed in the UAE wasn’t by men or women or children, instead the Guinness World Record was broken by cars.

The Largest Synchronized Car Dance took place in the UAE this week and drivers broke the world record.

While moving in unison, a large number of cars came together to move in a formation – almost resembling somewhat of a dance in an irregular shape.

Almost 180 four-wheel Nissan cars took part in the Guinness World Record and while driving after one another, they formed a driving routine in the giant shape of a desert falcon.

Only seen from above, the shape formed by the cars in the UAE desert was very impressive and it broke the previous world record held at the Dubai Rugby 7s stadium, which saw 36 cars driving in opposite directions and forming the outline of a falcon.

And while previously the distance of cars was about 1,476 meters, this year the measured distance was 176.5 by 225 metres in the Arabian desert.

Not the first shape produced

Impressively, a falcon shape was not the only shape produced by synchronized cars in the past.

Previously, the UAE broke another Guinness World Record by the Dubai Police for bringing 147 cars dressed in the colours of the UAE flag to coordinate a smiling face from above.