You Can Get Fined AED800 For Taking A Selfie While Driving |

You Can Get Fined AED800 For Taking A Selfie While Driving

To help motorists pay attention while driving on Dubai roads

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30 October 2018

Last updated on 30 October 2018
Taking A Selfie

If you drive around Dubai quite often, then doing this can cost you a hefty fine

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has issued a warning to motorists in Dubai, stating that you could get fined if caught engaging in another activity while driving.

Selfie-takers in specific have been warned by the RTA about snapping pictures while driving – if caught a fine will land you 4 black points and an AED800 fine.

This is because a person’s response time is 50% lower while distract when driving on the roads.

Dubai’s RTA hopes that this new fine will help keep the roads in Dubai clear of unwanted accidents that could have been avoided.

“A driver taking a selfie or a photo for approximately two seconds is like driving the length for nearly half a football field. Remember, using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is a traffic violation punishable by Dh800 and four black points,” RTA said in a statement.

More selfies in winter

As residents in Dubai witness unstable weather conditions, this may tempt motorists to take photos of the rain and thunder.

However, the RTA wants to warn against this in hopes to reduce the number of phone-related accidents.