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16 Awh-Worthy Pictures of Dogs in Dubai

These pooches are living the high life

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26 June 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
16 Awh-Worthy Pictures of Dogs in Dubai

For the canine lovers among us, Dubai at first seems as though it isn't the most friendliest of dog places. With restrictions in place across the country, and laws and fines to back them up, sometimes it's no wonder we're at a loss for where to take our pooches. 

Add in the battle of Dubai's summer heat, and you're left with very few places to go... Unless you know where to go! 

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However - that doesn't mean you and your pooch have to stay locked up inside all day. Even in the hotter months, as a responsible owner you can still walk your fur-babies in the early hours, or later in the evenings. You can buy cooling vests and collars, and even treat them to a new pair of fashionable doggy shoes. 

All in all, with a little preparation and organisation, exploring Dubai with your dog isn't all that bad, evident in these awh-worthy snaps we've found shared on social media... Just remember their leash and poo bags!

We can't NOT start with a pooch and the Burj Khalifa


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Watching Dubai's incredible sunset from the desert... Check out that skyline! 


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JLT is very much a dog-friendly place, and look just how happy he seems


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Desert dogs having a walk and totally in their element


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HOW cute? 

Two pooches enjoying the sand dunes

Caption reads "hanging with the local wildlife", how fitting!

And it seems as though this area of Downtown Dubai is really quite popular...


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What an incredible picture!


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We've never experienced envy of a dog before...


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What a beautiful view for a morning stroll


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These two are checking out the view


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Enjoying a stroll on the beach, with a heart-warming story to go with it

Checking out the Dubai Marina views


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Saying hi to the local wildlife


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And finally... Can we ever look as cool as this guy?