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6 Greener Straws and Stirrers for Your Drinks

How to sip and stir without harming the environment.

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26 May 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
6 Greener Straws and Stirrers for Your Drinks

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The alfresco party season will soon be here, and so will a ban on some of a bartender’s favourite tools – straws and stirrers.

To help tackle pollution and protect the environment, the government is shaking up the drinks industry by banning the supply of plastic straws and stirrers, after a consultation revealed “overwhelming” public support for the move.

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The hospitality sector have voluntarily been reducing the availability and use of plastic straws for some time, but food and drink outlets will not be able to display plastic straws or automatically hand them out from April 2020.

It’s estimated that 4.7 billion plastic straws and 316 million plastic stirrers are used each year in England – but there are plenty of other ways at-home cocktail enthusiasts and party planners can sip, stir and style their drinks…

1. Natural Wheat Drinking Straws (144mm), 50 for £3.49/AED16.30, ecostrawz

Simplicity at its best, we love the look of these rustic style natural wheat drinking straws, which can be trimmed for long and short drinks – and the non-porous finish means they won’t go soggy in your lemonade or mojito.

3. Eco Friendly Metal Straws, £6/AED28.02, River Island

A no-brainer, stainless steel straws look the part, feel good to the touch and can cope with chunky ice cubes and loads of garnish. There’s a brush cleaner as well, just in case you forget to double strain that cocktail or it’s a sticky mess.

Eco Friendly Metal Straws, £6/AED28.02, River Island

4. Summer Meadow Paper Straws (pack of 25), £2.95/AED13.78, Rex London

These pretty floral designs will be a huge hit at picnics and festivals, especially with the trend for still and sparkling rosé wines in portable, recyclable aluminium cans – a lighter, greener option.

Summer Meadow Paper Straws (pack of 25), £2.95/AED13.78, Rex London

6. Fiesta Green Compostable CPLA Cocktail Stirrer Straws Black (pack of 250), £1.69/AED7.89, Nisbets

Black straws always look smart on a cocktail trolley, and the fact these are made out of renewable plant-based materials (CPLA) means they’re fully compostable and lends extra kudos. Try placing them in a heavy cut crystal glass for maximum effect.