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8 Things To Check Off Your List When Moving Homes

For those who are moving houses in the UAE, here’s what you need to know

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21 November 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020

Packing up and moving to a new location can be pain

Even more so, if you haven’t gotten all your papers in order.

And where would you even start! There’s so much paperwork to clear when moving out of your house and a bunch more when moving into a new one.

Which is why it’s super handy to check off these 8 must-have things from your moving list to make sure you don’t have any hiccups along the way.

1. Start packing up two months before

This is for those UAE residents who push off the packing and wrapping part of the move for as long as they can.

And that’s not the right way to start your moving process – always make sure to pack and move within the timeframe that your landlord has given you.

And always make sure to give a notice to your landlord with your intentions of moving out of your home – this will guarantee that both parties have enough time to get their plans in order.

For UAE residents, there is usually a 2-month timeframe to pack up before the end of your lease to leave the premise otherwise some landlords can hit you with a penalty for not moving out in time.

9. Make sure to get a NOC letter from your landlord

The requirement of a NOC letter may differ from emirate to emirate in the UAE – however, some utility companies may ask you for a NOC letter from your landlord to disconnect the water, electricity and more.

And refund any utility down payments paid by you as a tenant in that house.

3. Make sure you have secured your new place

You don’t want a disaster on your hands – so make sure you have the new place secured and ready to move into before leaving yours.

And if you’re using a real estate agent, make sure to notify them of your move. This way they can find you a new home and a new tenant for their house listing.

4. Don’t rely on your car to move your belongings

While it may be cost-effective to use your own car, it’s best to hire a moving company because you’ll probably end up spending one too many trips moving your belongings back and fourth.

So make the process easier by hiring a moving agent and move them all in a bulk manner – this will also save you any traffic fines for carrying larger items than your car onto the highway.

Make sure to also get a NOC from your community/building manager as some security guards will not allow the moving company into the premise without consent.

5. Make sure you have fixed all maintenances

If you’ve broken a few shelves or hammered in a couple of picture frames and the house is not in the same condition as when you first moved in – make sure to complete the repairs.

It’s best to hire a maintenance company to restore your property to the original conditions to avoid being fined by your landlord for property misconduct.

And this will allow you to get back that home down payment without a penny less.

6. Always make sure to transfer your telephone and internet

These things could take some time as they have several processes to them, therefore it’s best to start then as soon as you can in your moving process.

Check with your existing service providers to transfer your account to your new address and if they’re not provided in the new area, you might have to make a switch and open up a new account.

By signing up to a new service provider, you will need to disconnect your contract with the existing one and this could take some time.

7. Notify the utilities provider of your move

It’s not unusual to update all your information with your new address and this will have to be implemented to your local water and electricity provider – for the UAE, its DEWA.

And if you’re moving out of the UAE for good, then you will need to start cancelling all and any utilities associated with your property.

8. Insurance

Remember when we advised you to use a moving company? Always make sure to buy moving insurance when you do.

This will ensure that all your belongings are ensured and will be reimbursed if damaged or lost.