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8 Things to Keep Dogs Cool During Summer

When temperatures ramp up in Dubai, it's important to keep your pup cool

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18 June 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
How to keep dogs cool in Dubai

Summer in the UAE has officially arrived - but how can you keep your dog cool in Dubai's extreme temperatures?

It's a concern on every dog owner's mind when the season comes around; when and how can you keep your dog cool when out and about? What time is the safest to walk your dog on a morning and evening? Where can you take them for playtime outside of the home?

Admittedly, owning a dog in Dubai and the UAE can be stressful during the warmer months. Particularly when there's a lack of safe space for dog owners to enjoy with their furry family members - and dog-friendly cafes aren't great to visit when it's reaching highs of 45°C outside, with 90% humidity. It can be extra uncomfortable for one of the breeds that are at a high risk of overheating in Dubai, too.

My advice? Reach out to one of Dubai's doggy daycare centers and see if they're holding any playdates indoors you can attend for some socialisation - for you and pup. Plus, don't be afraid to change your usual routine so you can walk earlier in the morning, and later at night - and if your pup enjoys time outside, be sure to limit the time spent and provide access to shade.

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To help, you can also buy one of these super useful items that will help keep your dog cool during Dubai's summer months... Tried and tested by a fellow Dubai dog owner!

1. A portable Cool Pup bowl with a removable freezer pack to help keep their water cold when out and about.

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2. A trouble-free, outdoor water fountain and sprinkler so your dog has access to fresh water when playing outside with their pawpals.

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3. A LAYPOP cooling vest for dogs designed to keep their body temperatures low during their walkies every day - just soak with water and adjust to their size.

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4. This dog pool float that will help your pup enjoy your swimming pool alongside you this summer.

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5. A pressure activated cooling pad for pets that will provide effective cooling in the garden or in the car.

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6. A cooling collar that comes in different sizes, so all dogs - large, medium and small - can be kept comfortable during their time outdoors.

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7. This cool, chill out ice ball that will make playtime extra fun AND chilly - just fill with water and freeze!

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8. A bathing tub for dogs that is both collapsible and easy to carry, so your pup can enjoy a swim in the garden or on your next road trip.

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