Advertising The Sale Of Animals Online Has A AED500,000 Fine |

Advertising The Sale Of Animals Online Has A AED500,000 Fine

Anything posted online by users or companies can be fined…

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25 December 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020

Dangerous pets and exotic animals..

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has increased the fine regarding the advertisements and sale of animals online.

Especially after seeing a surge of dangerous pets and exotic animals being sold illegally online through websites and social media in the UAE.

Authorities were prompted to take these actions after several users and residents reported illegal websites and advertisements of these animals.

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The Ministry is also working on this initiative in efforts to warn residents against this as well as give appropriate consequences for those who are engaged in these illegal actions.

Some of the animals that are being sold via illegal practices are exotic animals and dangerous pets that residents acquire that may harm the animal or the person, therefore it is illegal.

From lions, poisonous snakes, tigers, cheetahs, foxes, monkeys and more are being sold through illegal posts online.

The asking price for these exotic animals can range between AED3,000 and AED10,000.

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However, authorities will now crack down on these online activities and urge residents to report any posts that they come across of.

Violators will receive a hefty fine of AED50,000 that can reach AED500,000 depending on the action taken.

The UAE only allows exotic animals if they are taken care of in proper facilities including natural preserves, zoos, animal parks, circus, breeding centers and refugee areas – however the harboring, breeding, owning and selling of these dangerous animals by individuals in an unsecured location is illegal.

Residents called in several posts after seeing the following online:

  • A wild Rottweiler – for AED3,500
  • Poisonous pythons – for AED3,000
  • Tiger anthrax python – for AED10,500
  • Cheetah – for AED5,000
  • Lion cubs – for AED5,000
  • Snow foxes – for AED5,000

Many of these illegal animal shops or individuals even claim to deliver these animals straight to your doorstep in the UAE.

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Residents are urged to continue reporting suspicious sales of illegal exotic animals in efforts to help authorities crack down on these practices in the country.