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Everything You Need for a Movie Night at Home in Dubai

Want to catch a flick from the comfort and safety of your house? We round up all you need to DIY your own home movie theatre in Dubai!

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20 December 2020

Last updated on 5 January 2021

We all love watching a movie on the big screen...

But with the conditions as it is, many of us in Dubai may be skipping out on indoor movie theatres for a while.

And while the nostalgic outdoor and drive-in cinemas are making a comeback as the UAE's temperatures cool down, you can easily get a better movie-watching experience in the privacy, comfort, and most importantly, safety of your own home.

Good portable projectors in Dubai are just the ticket to bringing that cinematic joy to your home. To help you recreate that feeling, we take a look at the five things you’ll need for your home theatre in Dubai.

1. Movie snacks

Watching movies with no theatre snacks to enjoy just won't feel right. For a movie night, you'll want to follow a snack-based menu rather than let people fumble around with full-course meals on the sofa. Trust us, it's the last thing you'll want.

Opt for classics such as popcorn, nachos with dip, chocolate, or potato fries. Fun tip: for an extra special touch, consider using popcorn boxes similar to the ones we get at the cinemas. These are inexpensive and it's the little details that count.

2. Portable projector

Needless to say, no home movie theatre is complete without a projector. There's a wide range of projectors available in Dubai, varying in their ease of use as well as sound and image quality.

To skip all the fuss of shopping, we've done the homework for you. We recommend the BenQ GS2, a wireless portable LED projector that's perfect for outdoor family entertainment. With simple cast and play, GS2 satisfies your outdoor fun by offering audio as well as visual entertainment!

All of your family members can enjoy their favorite contents to their heart’s content.

BenQ G2 projector for home movies

It comes with a multi-functional stylish bag for on-the-go entertainment.

Buy it on Amazon; CLICK HERE.

The BenQ GS2 projector is splash-proof, drop-proof, and features an eye-protection sensor as well as a parental timer designed with your child in mind.

BenQ's exclusive technology automatically detects current ambient light levels and adjusts the suitable brightness, so you won't have to worry about the movie looking too dark or too bright.

The eye-protection sensor will automatically shut down the light when children get near, safeguarding their eye health.

Its smart control app grants you quick and easy to access without leaving the comfort of your couch. Simply download the “BenQ Smart Control” app and once installed, you can control the projector anytime anywhere and benefit from its intuitive UI.

Just cast and play! Plus, it's not just limited to movies, the GS2 projector will instantly satisfy console gaming, streaming and music enjoyment at home.

3. Speakers

Luckily, the BenQ GS2 portable projector doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and features built-in aptoide TV apps! If you already own your own device, the projector can also connect to external Bluetooth speakers/headphones.

4. Seating and atmosphere

Unless you're going for a dedicated theme, it's best to keep your home theatre's set up as simple and relaxed as possible.

As it gets darker, try hanging some fairy lights or classic Christmas lights for a soft glow, use battery-powered lanterns, or light up a scented candle to help with the atmosphere.

If it's outdoors, take inspiration from stadium seating arrangements by making some seats higher than the ones in front of it. For example, bring a picnic blanket and some throw pillows for the front aisle, and place lawn chairs behind them.

You would want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the movie. The beauty of the BenQ GS2 projector is that you can place it in front of the couch, bed, lawn, or anywhere you like!

5. Pick the movies

Once you've chosen the best portable projector for you and your family, and successfully set up your seating and movie snacks, all that’s left in your checklist is to pick which movies to watch. This is the easy part.

Your movie pick will depend on the crowd. For family movie nights, why not go for funny classics like the one where a scientist accidentally shrunk his kids or the movie where an adorable kid made friends with an equally adorable extraterrestrial?

If it's just you and friends, what about that film with the new transfer student and the mean girls, or the flick with the fabulous blonde lawyer, or how about the musical one featuring ladies with perfect pitches? With heaps of streaming platforms and digital renting services available, you're spoilt for choice.

Here's a fun small detail to add: Before the movie starts, try to play a few recent movie trailers to really simulate the cinema experience.

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