How to Host a Great House Party on a Budget |

How to Host a Great House Party on a Budget

Cheers to a fantastic house party with this click-and-collect service for your favourite drinks

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27 February 2020

Last updated on 1 March 2020
How to Host a Boozy of a House Party on a Budget

Planning a party on a budget? Here's what you can do...

House parties are a great way to wind down with friends and family after a hectic week, especially when the weather is beginning to turn warm outdoors and it's too hot to go hopping from one scene to another.

But with big fun comes big costs. To avoid breaking the bank and still throw a fabulous house party that will have all your guests talking at brunch the next morning, we've compiled some top tips to keep costs down without spoiling your booze-infused fiesta at home.

Thanks to Centaurus International's click-and-collect service, you can have your night out at home by ordering your favourite names in wine, beer, and spirits online. Check out what else you can do...

1. Come up with a theme idea

It might seem that this will only add to the cost of creating an atmosphere, but planning ahead with a theme can play to the host's advantage.

For example, usually, you try to foresee the tastes of all the guests and buy different types of alcohol. If you're saving money, this isn't the way to go. For a Mexican-themed party, you can restrict yourself to tequila, and for a German party, to beer.

2. Make cocktails

Cheap alcohol is a bad idea, which your future-self will sorely understand the next morning. To save on quality and cost for the booze at your bash, spend on quality alcohol and inexpensive mixers like soda, juices, and syrups.

Mixing drinks also add an element of entertainment to your party.A cheap way to have

3. Invite guests to bring alcohol

One of the cheapest ways to save money on alcohol for your get-together is BYOB - Bring Your Own Booze. Ask guests to bring their own stash so you'll only have to worry about buying your own drinks.

How to Host a Great House Party on a Budget

4. Look out for offers

Centaurus International's click-and-collect service makes shopping for your favorite drinks super easy. Have a browse through their many offers online. You never know - your preferred drinks could be on sale!

5. Party off-peak

Try changing the timings of your get-together. Having a party in the evening is sure to be a budget-buster as guests will expect to eat and drink a lot come dinner time. Opt for bubbles during brunch or a few beers in the afternoon.

6. Stock up in advance and buy in bulk

If you've ever done a grocery run, you already know how much money you save when you buy in bulk. To save money on your next house party, it's better to buy your snacks, tissue papers, disposable plates and cutlery, glasses, alcohol in loads. You also won't have to do the washing later!

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