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Why Your Home Needs an Air Purifier

Say hello to clean air and a healthy home this winter with The Electrolux Pure A9 - the air purifier that does it all

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25 October 2020

Last updated on 15 November 2020
Should You Be Using Air Purifiers at Home in Dubai?

Here's why you should consider getting your own air purifier ASAP.

We don't need to tell you how important it is to regularly clean your home, but there’s just one thing that's often overlooked: air.

Swirling in our home’s air are millions of tiny invisible particles, from dust and dander to virus and bacteria. We all want to avoid getting sick, especially during a pandemic, and focusing on reducing exposure to illness-causing bacteria during the winter months can contribute to year-round well-being.

Enter air purifiers, which aims to help make sure the air you breathe in is clean. Our best recommendation is the award-winning Pure A9 by Electrolux for clean, healthy air for your home.

Ahead, discover how this air purifier works to safeguard you and your family, and why now is the best time to bring one into your home.

Cleaner air helps you and your family breathe easy

Pollen, dust and other airborne particles are major contributors to allergies and associated medical conditions that impact the health of millions of people around the world.

Seasonal changes in air quality can reduce your and your family's ability to breathe normally. The Electrolux Pure A9 air purifier was designed with this in mind, featuring five levels of purification that work harmoniously to remove even the finest irritating particles from the air.

The Clean360 filter captures, and neutralises over 99% of airborne particles – so when it comes time to change the seasonal filter, the captured particles have been neutralised and if the particles manage to sneak back into the air, they will not cause an allergic reaction.

The Pure A9 air purifier by Electrolux

The Pure A9 air purifier by Electrolux

The Clean360 filter is especially designed for high airflow, removing allergens quickly from the air.

Pure A9’s sophisticated and streamline design delivers high airflow which means allergens are removed at high speed.

This means you never over or under-use the filter, maximising efficiency, economic investment and reducing unnecessary waste of a perfectly functioning filter. The Smart Tag on the filter will allow you to know the remaining life span of each filter. This means you never

Electrolux Wellbeing Smart app for top-level protection

The supporting smart app uses location-based services to give information on external factors that might impact outdoor air quality, indoor air quality and filter life. This information will help you know the best time to replace your Clean360 filter to ensure you and your family have top-level protection against allergens.

The Electrolux Pure A9 goes beyond being a stylish addition to your family home, connecting you to useful and functional data to empower you to make the air in your home cleaner and healthier.

After all, clear air is not a luxury, it's a matter of good health.

The filter can kill 99.9% of bacteria

Should You Be Using Air Purifiers at Home in Dubai?

Like all beautiful things, we also want them to be good for us and our environment. Not only does the Electrolux Pure A9 provide healthier air, but also comes with a sleek design and home-perfect aesthetic.

Capturing airborne bacteria requires a specifically designed filter, the Clean360 filter has a combination of effective features that remove and kill 99.9% of airborne bacteria.

With its machine's balanced design and state-of-the-art materials, it's no surprise why the Pure A9 won the Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

Learn more about this outstanding air purifier by clicking the website below!

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