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10 Myths About Filtered Tap Water in Dubai

Is there something in the water? Let Quooker debunk popular myths about filtered tap water in Dubai

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30 December 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
10 Myths About Filtered Tap Water in Dubai

Filtered tap water in Dubai is pure convenience and is even confirmed as safe to consume...

Dryer skin? Hair falling out? Digestive problems? More than often the blame falls on drinking tap water in Dubai, whether filtered or not.

Although experts and even the official UAE government has said that filtered tap water is fit for drinking and washing, many residents still cling to the myths and opt-out from installing a water filter at home.

Quooker, the world's first-ever advanced boiling water system, lays to rest these common untrue myths.

What is Quooker?

Quooker provides filtered 100°C boiling, cold, hot and even chilled sparkling water directly from the tap.

The Quooker system consists of a water-boiling tap on the worktop connected to a small tank in the kitchen cupboard. The water in the Quooker tank is heated to a temperature of 110°C. This ensures that all bacteria are removed and it reduces the calcium level which helps, for example, to bring out the taste of tea.

Even dedicated Quooker-owners who were skeptic once, cannot imagine living without the boiling faucet today.

We have collected the 10 most common myths about filtered tap water and using a water filter like Quooker. Maybe you can recognize a single or two?

1. A boiling water faucet threatens child safety

So how do a boiling water faucet and child safety go hand in hand?

A lot of scalding damages happen when a child pulls the wire on a kettle so the boiling water pours out. The Quooker tap, on the other hand, gets installed on the worktop so it cannot overturn. It is also equipped with a child safety knob that makes it unable for smaller hands to open the boiling water.

Child drinking filtered tap water in Dubai

2. A water-boiling tap is not different from a kettle

With an electric kettle, you often boil more water than you need. This makes the kettle a bad solution for the environment and the economy.

The electric kettle also takes up space on the tabletop or in the cabinet, while the Quooker is hidden under the sink. On top of that, the waiting time for the water to get boiled is also a waste of time. With a Quooker you will never wait for the water to boil as it always has three liters of boiling water available instantly.

3. It will increase the electricity bill

The myth goes that adding another kitchen appliance will affect electricity and that is not entirely correct.

On-standby the Quooker uses about 100 AED per year, and in practice, you use less power to boil the water in a Quooker than on a stove-top.

With an electric kettle, you often boil more water than necessary. It also happens that the water boils, is then forgotten and must be boiled again which is a waste of time and energy. With a Quooker you just dispense the amount of water you need and because of the patented vacuum insulation of the tank, the energy consumption is minimal - in fact, only 5 fils a day on standby.

What are the common myths about Quooker

4. Using a filtered tap affects carbon foorprints

If you are concerned about your carbon footprints, great news - a Quooker is actually incredibly environmentally friendly because you use all the water you boil. This means that your water consumption decreases, and your power consumption does accordingly, as you use less energy to boil the smaller amount of water.

With a Quooker Combi, you even save on the hot water. If you are waiting a long time for hot water, you can install a Combi tank in your kitchen that can easily supply with hot water as well as boiling water. You will avoid wasting water while waiting for it to warm up properly.

5. Accidental burns can happen

Thousands of boiling accidents happen due to overthrown kettles and unfortunately, many of the accidents involve small children.

A Quooker tap prevents this as it is fixed in the tabletop, has a child-safe press and turn mechanism and the nozzle is isolated. On top of that the water does not come out in a thick massive jet, but in a light spray mixed with air and this prevents the risk of being scalded as well.

You actually have time to remove the hand before you scald yourself. The Fusion and Flex taps are even further child-secured: you have to push twice and turn to open for the boiling water. Convenience and safety go hand in hand with a Quooker.

Quooker is safe, practical, and easy to use

6. You can't get one because you're renting

Can you get a water filter system in a rented apartment? Oh, of course, you can.

The Quooker is easy to install, uninstall and reinstall. It simply connects to water and drain and uses 230 volts which you often connect with the dishwasher. When you decide to leave your rental apartment or house, you can easily remove the Quooker and reinstall the previous mixer tap. Or simply call Quooker and use their convenient moving service.

7. It's expensive

You only know when you've tried to work with a Quooker daily if it is worth it. The usefulness and the joy of a Quooker is evidently so great that a whopping 99% of all Quooker owners are very happy with their investment and thus also with the price they paid.

8. Not sure it will fit in a small kitchen

You're lucky because the Quooker tank is only 150 millimeters in diameter and therefore fits into most cabinets. The Quooker tap itself takes no more space than an ordinary mixer tap.

Should you get a water filtration system in Dubai?

9. Not sure how to use it and it might not be time savvy

A Quooker is easy to use: with a simple push and turn of the Quooker’s childproof safety handle, you can prepare numerous drinks throughout the whole day.

The Cold-Water-Filter contains an automatic timer that will initiate an audio alarm to alert when the filter needs to be replaced. Replacing a filter is done by unscrewing the old filter, changing it to a new one and pushing the red button to confirm the timer reset.

The carbon filter in the boiling water tank only needs to be changed only once in every ten years by a Quooker technician.

10. The water must get old in the tank

Nope. The water is stored under pressure thus preserving its oxygen content. Therefore, the water is fresh and crystal clear. You can compare it with a soda that does not become "flat" before it's opened. Similarly, the Quooker keeps the water fresh in the tank.

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