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8 Reasons Why Your Water Tap Needs the Safety of Quooker

For starters, Quooker's water purification and filtration system is easy to use, maintain, and repair

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2 January 2020

Last updated on 19 January 2020
8 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Water Tap With Quooker

According to the local government, tap water in the UAE is typically safe to consume...

Despite its good standard, the water you get from a sink is never 100% reliable. Metals, cleansing materials, odours, and contaminants in your pipes can remain present, causing unpleasant tastes, smells, and even adverse health effects. The quality and health safety of the tap water you use at home or at work can be improved.

That's why we just cannot keep from recommending Quooker. Developed as the first-of-its-kind boiling water tap filter, this Dutch-made and manufactured kitchen must-have is the ideal investment for safe, cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly water to consume and use.

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These are the 8 unique benefits that you can enjoy when you choose Quooker's water filtration system for your home...

1. Dutch quality

It started in 1970 in The Netherlands with a simple yet revolutionary idea by Henri Peteri: boiling water from a tap. His invention is now an indispensable feature of the modern kitchen.

Around the world, Quooker users enjoy the convenience of boiling water straight from the tap. To ensure the highest quality filtered tap water , Quooker products are manufactured in the Netherlands and come with a 2-year warranty.

2. Clean and fresh water

All water dispensed by a Quooker tap is always filtered through NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved multistage filters that remove sediment, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other contamination which can negatively impact the drinking water.

On top of that, there is HiTAC active carbon filter in the boiling water tank and a hollow fibre filter in the Quooker CUBE to ensure the water is always fresh.

3. Help the planet

We all know it’s important to be economical with water and yet, so many households unnecessarily waste it both in small amounts – for example when you boil twice as much water as you need – but also in larger amounts, when you let the tap run for a while until the water heats up.

With a Quooker you always use the right amount of water and therefore prevent wastage. And you can be even more sustainable by adding a Quooker CUBE to eliminate the use of bottled sparkling water.

Why choose Quooker?

4. Time saving

With a tap water filter, you never need to wait for the water to boil. It is available instantly, saving you time when you are cooking, making tea, coffee, or you need to sterilize a baby bottle.

You will always have high-quality drinking water available so you don’t have the hassle of buying water bottles or arranging water delivery at your home.

5. Can be used in rented homes

Are you renting your current home? Even when you are renting you can get a water filter! Quooker is installed in your kitchen and when you are moving, and the uninstalling it is a quick and easy process as well.

6. Safest choice

Of course, the concept of a tap water filter that delivers fresh, boiled water makes one wonder, "Is boiling water, straight from the tap, safe?"

The Quooker is actually the safest choice for every household in Dubai. All Quookers are designed with a number of important safety features, including a childproof handle. The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns. Most importantly: a Quooker can’t fall over, unlike a kettle or a pan.

Is filtered tap water safe for children?

7. Space saving

A filtered tap water system saves precious space on your worktop. The space occupied by a kettle can be freed up to slice, knead and chop.

You can also finally get rid of that ugly water dispenser! The boiling water tank is compact and doesn’t take up much space, so there’s still usable space under your worktop or in your kitchen cupboard.

8. Quooker is unique

So what makes Quooker unique? On top of being the first of its kind by inventing the boiling-water tap more than 30 years ago, this water filtration system...

  • Is the most economical boiling water system on the market, thanks to its patented high-vacuum insulation.
  • Quooker is the only manufacturer to come up with a solution for every conceivable hot water situation in the kitchen.
  • Quooker is the only manufacturer to use a standard water filter in all its tanks (HiTAC. water filter).
  • Quooker is the only manufacturer with height-adjustable taps.
  • With the Quooker CUBE you can have chilled still and sparkling water, making the only kitchen tap in the market with all functions from a single tap
  • Quooker includes a wide selection of taps.
  • More than 800,000 European households already have a Quooker.
  • Quooker has more than forty patents.
  • Quooker is a Dutch manufacturer.
  • he Quooker is designed, developed and produced in-house.
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With the Quooker tap you have filtered instant 100°C boiling, chilled & sparkling water directly from the kitchen tap – and of course normal & cold water. Healthy, filtered, tasty and high quality drinkable tap water. No toxins from plastic bottles and eliminating plastic waste. Say “Hallo Quooker bye bye plastic bottles” – sustainable living.

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