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UAE's Rains Can Ruin Your Home Without These Common Repairs

Get your home ready for the rain! We look at the three home maintenance repairs you should never put off during the UAE's rainy season

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18 October 2020

Last updated on 10 November 2020
Get Your UAE Home Ready For the Rain With Transguard Living

These issues around the house can get worse—much worse—if you don't address them ASAP this winter!

There are few UAE weather highlights that we anticipate more than the first rainstorm of the year. Unfortunately, these heavy rains can lose their charm pretty quickly when they cause leaking pipes and dripping walls!

Turns out that plumbing problems and related damage are fairly common after heavy rain, particularly in drought or desert conditions. For example:

Blocked or clogged drains

Fix blocked or clogged drains in Dubai with Transguard Living

When you notice water pooling in your sink, shower, bathtub, or near other household drains, you might have blockage in your drainage system caused by sand, leaves or other types of debris.

How do you fix it? Call an expert to do a proper professional drain cleaning!

Broken Pipes

Fix broken pipes in Dubai with Transguard Living

Heavy rains after the long period of summer can cause the pipes to dry out and can cause cracks. And once it starts raining, it can cause your dry pipes to break due to the water pressure.

You can easily detect a broken pipe by noticing a change in the color of water or waste coming out of the faucets. The water that flows into your home might be tainted by soil and other contaminants.

Best thing to do? Call a professional to replace or repair your pipes immediately to avoid facing further problems.

Wall drips

Fix wall pipes in Dubai with Transguard Living

Penetrating damp is also caused by leaking gutters. The moisture makes your walls feel wet, not to mention the unpleasant sight of water flowing onto the floor from the edge of the wall.

This scenario leads to the growth of mould, which causes a musty smell or worse, health problems!

Stop the problem before it starts – let the experts waterproof your home.

Transguard Living team

Even though the UAE rarely experiences heavy rain, we still need to be prepared for the potential plumbing problems of a winter rainstorm.

You may think that your pipes and drainage system are perfectly fine, however, after the heavy downpour, you may face leakage problems or plumbing issues so make sure you have an on-call maintenance company to relay on!

With Annual Maintenance coverage options such as 30 call outs, electrical and plumbing yearly checks, 24/7 customer service, understanding the coverage and what they protect and maintain is better left to the experts.

Let a Transguard Living expert explain to you what they mean. Dial 800 845 to ensure your home is properly maintained before a heavy rainfall occurs.

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