Green Cleaning: 4 Things to Keep in Mind when Using Vinegar |

Green Cleaning: 4 Things to Keep in Mind when Using Vinegar

Using Vinegar for cleaning purposes is a popular method for good reason, but there are some situations where it shouldn't be used.

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7 September 2015

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Green Cleaning: 4 Things to Keep in Mind when Using Vinegar

Are you a fan of Green Cleaning? Are vinegar and baking soda your favorite cleaning products? Vinegar is like a magic potion and can be almost used for any surface from bathroom tiles to your mattress. However, almost is the key word, there are 4 places in your home where you should never use vinegar.

1. Granite Countertops

Potential Problems: Most Dubai kitchens are equipped with granite countertops. Remember natural stones cannot tolerate acidity, it makes them lose their natural shine and causes deterioration.
How to Clean: In order to preserve your countertops use regular soap and water.

2. Wood

Potential Problems: If you have wooden flooring, or wooden furniture such as a coffee table and bedside tables do not use vinegar to clean them. Vinegar will eat away at the finish and will cause you natural wood belongings to look dirty.
How to Clean: Use water or dry dusting to clean your wooden belongings in a green way.

3. Washing machine or dishwasher

Potential Problems: It’s a common myth that vinegar preserves your washing machines. Although it’s great for the drum, vinegar is horrible for the rubber parts of your washing machine.
How to Clean: Wipe the drum with the vinegar soaked towel to give it that shine. In order to clean the machine completely use fabric softener.

4. Steel Appliances

Potential Problems: Steel appliances require a lot of attention. Cleaning steel items with vinegar will rust the appliances and cause them to turn dark.
How to Clean: Clean all your steel appliances with soapy water. Dry the appliances after wash and oil them in order to preserve them in the original condition.
Keeping your home and our Earth chemical free is admirable and requires a lot of hard work. There are a few companies in Dubai that offer Green Cleaning solutions.