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High DEWA Bills? Here's Something That Can Help

It's not uncommon to hear horror stories of extremely high DEWA bills in Dubai... Here's something that can help prevent them

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17 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
DEWA High Water Usage Alert

Being faced with a high DEWA bill at the end of the month is ever resident's worst nightmare in Dubai.

But did you know that Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have a solution that can help prevent that from happening?

If you're a smart water meter user, and have a DEWA smart meter installed in your property, next time you go over your average water usage - you'll be alerted.

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DEWA's High Water Usage Alert system raises an alert when your water consumption is higher than normal, which might indicate the possibility of an internal water leakage within your home, like a broken pipe or leaking toilet.

This new system is part of DEWA's Green Dubai initiative, and helps to prevent wastage of water whilst contributing to a green Dubai in line with the emirate's strategy towards resources sustainability.

How can I use the High Water Usage Alert?

First of all, you need to be a DEWA customer that has a smart water meter installed. If you already have one, or you're planning to have one installed, you should then automatically receive alerts from the High Water Usage Alert system.

These smart water meters can be installed in all premises types; it's particularly useful for residential, but also great for commercial and industrial units.

In fact, by 2020, all water meters in Dubai will be replaced by smart water meters.

Once your meter is up and running, you will receive automatic alerts from DEWA to your registered contact details - via email or SMS - or through the DEWA app on your smart phone.

When will I receive the High Water Usage Alert?

According to the official DEWA website, if your smart water meter continuously records consumption - for a minimum of 48 hours - that is substantially higher than your average daily water consumption during the last three months, you'll receive an alert.

The system will begin with sending you an alert every two weeks if the higher consumption continues, up to three months.

If after three months no action is taken, DEWA will consider this higher water consumption to be your normal usage level... And then you will no longer receive any more alerts.

How much does the High Water Usage Alert cost?

This feature is entirely FREE for DEWA smart water meters' customers in Dubai.

How can the High Water Usage Alert help?

This handy system is particularly helpful if you need to identify and rectify any potential internal leaks in your property in a timely manner.

So if for whatever reason you receive an alert, but you know that your usual consumption isn't higher than normal, you can act quickly to fix any issue. As a result, it saves any chance of being faced with a 10, 20 or 30k+ Dhs DEWA bill at the end of the month!