How to Make Christmas More Eco-Friendly |

How to Make Christmas More Eco-Friendly

Why not give the greatest gift of all and go green?

How to Make Christmas More Eco-Friendly

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It’s not long to go until the big Christmas countdown, and as the old adage goes: charity begins at home.

So why not mark the moment, make a difference to the planet and focus all your festive entertaining, gifting, decos and favourite treats on helping the environment?

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With so many eco-friendly choices out there, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to be hosting, toasting and celebrating sustainability…

The tree

A real fir and the scent of pine is always a joy, but is the real deal eco-friendly? For peace of mind, Friends of the Earth suggest looking for the FSC-certification (Forest Stewardship Council) when buying yours; otherwise re-use your fake tree and get creative with the kids and dress it with decorations made from wool, paper and wood.

Christmas lights

Whether they’re topping the garland on the fireplace or branches on the tree, fairy lights are one of the most magical features – just make sure they’re LED (which are more energy efficient) and you’ll find there are strings of LED solar fairy lights to choose from too.

Cut out plastic

Pulling back on plastic is actually easier than you think, especially when you consider how many times you’ve saved on the 5p single use plastic bag charge by stuffing everything into your canvas shopper.

‘Tis the season to buy loose fruit and veg, make the switch to tap water and light the little’uns’ eyes up with plastic-free toys.

Shop locally, use public transport or have a home delivery

Reap the benefits of the lovely fresh air; invest in an eco-friendly shopping trolley and make the journey by foot; jump on the bus or have your shopping delivered – all of which can help cut carbon emissions.

Recycle everything

You’re probably doing this anyway, but while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also one of the most wasteful. Make sure you have enough recycling sacks so you’re not tempted to put things that can be recycled in the rubbish.

Make the most of the microwave

So here’s a thing, microwaves can be more energy efficient than conventional ovens. And there’re far more to this box of tricks than meets the eye. Think boiling water for that cuppa, cooking veggies, heating pumpkin soup, cooking the Christmas pud and microwaving mulled wine by the glass or mug. Cheers!