How to Stop Enormous Spiders From Making Their Home in Your House |

How to Stop Enormous Spiders From Making Their Home in Your House

Spooked by the eight-legged creatures? Here’s how to get rid of them

How to prevent spiders in your home

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Although we might live in a city, the change of a creepy crawly making their home in YOUR house is still a possibility...

More so if you live in a residential community surrounded by lakes, parks and green space.

During winter, the problem doesn't arise as much as it does in summer - when spiders like to take cover from the sun's heat in the comfort of our residences.

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So to help you spider-proof your home in Dubai, here's a few ideas on how you can keep the wily critters at bay...

1. Seal up any spider-friendly entrances

That means any holes in wooden window frames, cat flaps that never seem to close, brick-work damage etc. If they can’t get in, they can’t set up home.

2. Keep your home clean and tidy

The messier your home, and the more dirty nooks and crannies there are, the more likely spiders will choose your home for spinning their webs. Dust those corners, hoover weekly, and tidy things away so our eight-legged friends feel distinctly unwelcome.

3. Get a pet

Cats and dogs will suitably scare off any other would-be residents, and cats are not averse to ‘playing’ with or just plain eating, spiders.

4. Place sprigs of mint around the house

Not only will mint fragrance your home, it can put off spiders, who are not fans of peppermint. Alternatively, make up a peppermint spray (water mixed with mint essential oils), so you can spritz any areas that spiders seem particularly fond of.

How to prevent spiders in your home

5. Use a vinegar solution

Not a fan of mint yourself? A vinegar spritz makes a great alternative.

6. Ward them off with citrus

Handily, lots of cleaning products are citrus flavoured, another smell spiders seem to dislike. Opt for these products and hopefully your spiders will move next door.

7. Distribute chestnuts around your house

Normally we would suggest conkers - but as we're in Dubai, you can buy chestnuts instead in local supermarkets. Edible chestnuts work just as well. It is thought that spiders could be warded off by them, so people suggest leaving them by doors and windows. It’s worth giving a go!

8. Order some cedar products

Just as cedar puts off moths, spiders aren’t fans either. Swap plastic coat hangers for cedar ones, or place cedar chippings in spider hotspots.