How to Donate to and Support Animal Shelters in Dubai |

How You Can Donate to an Animal Shelter in Dubai

Here's how you can support and help our furry friends in need as a Dubai expat

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14 July 2019

Last updated on 18 April 2021
How You Can Donate To An Animal Shelter in Dubai

Want to know where and how to start supporting animal shelters in Dubai? Read on...

Most of the animal shelters in the UAE are non-profit, running largely on services and donations from volunteers, animal welfare activists, and help from the local community.

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Our furry friends look to the hard work volunteered by animal-lovers to rescue, protect, and nurture them with the hopes of finding a forever home for as many of the animals as possible. Animal shelters require a stocked pantry to provide food and supplies, or the shelters look to people volunteering to be a foster home for the pets.

So - just how great is the need for support?

In the UAE, the summer season typically finds a spike in abandoned pets. Oftentimes, residents don't want to pay the added costs of travelling with a pet when leaving for the summer holidays or if they're returning home. Sometimes the novelty of owning a pet wears off and because shelters are very limited in space, residents abandon their pets on the streets.

Every year the number of abandoned pets in Dubai is growing, with over 1,700 abandoned dogs in 2018 and 1,430 in 2017. More than 6,500 cats were rescued from the streets in 2018, doubling that of the estimated 3,000 caught in 2016.

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Stray, missing, and abandoned animals in Dubai rely on the handful of animal shelters in the emirate, and unfortunately, the number of resources in animal shelters struggles to keep up with the growing amount of need.

If you're keen on helping out, monetary donations aren't the only way you can assist your local animal shelters. There are actually many ways you can aid pet shelters, whether it's through giving items that can be used or sold, or donating your time to walk a few dogs, here's how you can start supporting animal shelters in Dubai.

1. Fostering

If you can't be a forever family to a dog or cat in need of one, you can donate your time by fostering animals at home.

Here are some animal shelters in Dubai where you can foster animals:

  • K9 Friends

  • Foster: Dogs

  • 38smiles

  • Foster: Cats

  • Friends of Animals DXB

  • Foster: Dogs and cats

  • Animal Action UAE

  • Foster: Dogs and cats

  • Helping Hands For Small Paws of the UAE

  • Foster: Small animals like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

  • Little Angels - Animal Rescue League

  • Foster: Dogs and cats

How You Can Donate To An Animal Shelter in Dubai

2. Dog walking

If you can't adopt or foster a dog at the moment, then offering to donate your time walking a dog also helps. It provides dogs with great mental, physical, and social stimulation away from their kennels. If you're a frequent jogger, incorporating a dog or two into your routine would benefit you both.

Parents with kids who are interested in adopting a dog can opt for volunteering to walk one. It'll help parents and the child get to know the canine better as well as see if it's a lifestyle that'll fit into theirs, making for less uninformed adoption decisions.

Animal shelters that have a dog-walking programme include:

  • K9 Friends

3. Donate food and pet supplies

Get involved by donating extra food, your unused items, and more to sheltered animals who really need them.

  • Little Angels - Animal Rescue League

You can donate items like blankets, pet beds, toys, collars, etc. The rescued pups and cats will greatly appreciate it.

  • 38smiles

Pet items, food, and cash donations are welcomed. Feel free to donate other items as well - 38smiles takes part in flea markets and holds book sales to raise funds for the shelter.

  • K9 Friends

K9 Friends accepts monetary donations all year round, simply check out their official website for details. The shelter is also accepting raffle prizes as donations for their annual Puppy Ball.

How You Can Donate To An Animal Shelter in Dubai

4. Sponsoring

Sponsoring can come in different forms. You can sponsor a dog, it can be corporate or personal sponsorships, or maybe even an air conditioner to keep the pets cool in the hot summer months.

Animal shelters that accept sponsorships in Dubai include:

K9 Friends

If you want to help stray and abandoned dogs in the UAE, consider sponsoring a canine at K9 Friends. It costs AED 370 per year to sponsor a K9 Friends dog.

For more details: