Interior Design to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home |

Interior Design to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

We've found our favourite interior design ideas to help make your rented space feel like a real home

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11 July 2016

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Interior Design to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

As expatriates in the UAE, home ownership isn't always our first priority and is often a distant dream for some. We're in a transitional country, and it's rare to find individuals and families that will live here longer than ten years or so. 

Consequently, renting property here is hugely popular. Despite high costs in some areas, a lot of expats living here thoroughly enjoy the freedoms renting allows them... They're able to move to wherever they choose to live, providing the chance to experience different parts of the cities. 

Renting has a lot of pros and cons, there's no doubt about it, and renting doesn't mean you can't add a personal touch to your (temporary) home and unleash your style.

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With these tips and ideas, you'll be able to turn your rental property into the home of your dreams quite easily... Without the cost of a mortgage. 

Removable wallpaper
For anyone who can't stand the thought of bare, white walls, but doesn't want to ruin the rental property's walls, removable wallpaper is the answer. It's easy to install, and you'll find you're spoilt for choice for so many fresh patterns and prints available. It's so flexible to use, you can literally use it anywhere in your home!

Accent wall with washi tape
For those who want to take their wall designs truly into their hands, this a magical craft supply called Washi tape that works wonders!

If you haven't seen the Washi tape mania that has taken Pinterest and DIY crafting blogs by storm, where have you been? It looks and feels a lot like masking tape, but as it comes in so many different and intricately designed patterns, it's any DIYer's dream, for crafting... And for your rental! By using Washi tape in your home, you can truly control what design you want to display in your chosen spot. Go on, get out and buy some and enjoy creating!

Living decoration
There's no denying that a few good pieces of living greenery in any space really adds life, depth and colour. Even to your plain white rental. With lots of shapes, sizes and types to play around with, you can really make use of the space you have. Whether they're featured on the floor, on the walls or from the ceiling, you have plenty of room to add a little green life to.

Living room decor

Mirrors... Lots of mirrors
What's the best way to make your one bed or two bed rental seem bigger? There's no need for an upgrade, with more rent. Instead, opt to hang huge mirrors to feature walls to really add depth and share light throughout the place. By having a mirror here and there, you'll feel like you're living in a more open space in no time.

Experiment with lighting
Lighting is an important feature in any home, and can help to dictate the way a space feels and functions. While as a renter you may not have the freedom to replace light fittings, or add dimmers, but you can opt for an eye-catching floor lamp. By choosing the right one you can really change the whole feel of a room, and turn a bland corner into something special.

Choose furnishings with impact
When floor-to-ceiling renovations are really not an option, look to your everyday items and furnishings to express your personal and unique style in your home. With cushions, bedding, curtains and rugs, you have plenty of options and styles to put together to really make the look and feel of a room.

Mix up styles and patterns to create an eclectic look that will easily distract attention from your bare walls and floors. Layer rugs, double up cushions, add pillows to your bed... The opportunities are endless!

What other styling tips do you have to help make a house a home... Without the big landlord costs at the end of it!