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A Lost Dog Has A Reward Of AED10,000 If Found

The dog went missing last year and the owner is now reverting to monetary incentives to help find her dog

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25 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
 shiba inu dog

Losing a pet is a devastating and heart-clenching situation to occur to any pet-owner

Pets are not just animals, they become members of the family – and when one goes missing, there is an empty void left behind.

And owners can often find their happy endings upon being reunited with their missing pets, however, others aren’t that lucky.

This is the case of a French expat woman who lost her golden Shiba Inu in July of last year around her Jumeirah Village Circle residence while they were out for a walk.

After a year of almost no luck in finding her beloved dog, Mia, Yasmine Martin has put up a reward of AED10,000 for anyone who finds her four-year-old dog.

The reward was previously AED5,000 but is now up to double the amount in hopes that someone can bring the dog forward to the anxious owner.

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Mia, who is spayed and microchipped, was wearing an orange leash when she went missing last July but that clue came to no avail when searching for her.

Yasmine Martin had distributed flyers and posted on social media but the Dubai-based expat cannot seem to find her missing dog. She also informed the Dubai Municipality and animals shelters all around the UAE.

Screengrab Khaleej Times: Mia the lost dog

Owners can get fined for losing a pet

It’s not uncommon for pets to go missing – an open door, a loose leash or a scary situation may cause your pets to wander off and not find their way back home.

However, as painful as it might be to the owners – they can also be fined up to AED500 for losing their pet.

The Dubai Municipality stated that if a microchipped pet is found, the owner will automatically be fined and if the pet is not microchipped, they will be taken to a shelter until the owner is located or euthanized.

This is because the pet is the owner’s responsibility and the owner will be held reliable for any damage caused to the pet or from the pet to the public.