New Paw Their Sake Aims to Raise Awareness of Animal Welfare in Dubai |

New Paw Their Sake Aims to Raise Awareness of Animal Welfare in Dubai

The new website, Paw Their Sake, aims to help promote the welfare of pets across the UAE and beyond

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4 September 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
New Paw Their Sake Aims to Raise Awareness of Animal Welfare in Dubai

We're sure all residents living in Dubai and the UAE are familiar with the constant, ongoing efforts of individuals and support groups who aim to improve animal welfare in the emirates. 

This is because, sadly, a reality of living in Dubai is the large population of dogs and cats who are left homeless on a regular basis due to the transient nature of the country and the people living (and moving from) here, amongst many other reasons.

As a result, animal lovers are on a continuous mission to educate and raise awareness about pet ownership in Dubai, with many support groups and organisations helping to re-home pets who have been abandoned or surrendered. 

Now, joining this ongoing mission is a new website, Paw Their Sake.

Created by expatriate Leanne Edmond, the website aims to increase awareness about animal welfare in Dubai. 

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"[The] website [is] to help raise awareness about responsible pet ownership in the UAE, and I'm hoping it will spread far and wide so many more people will understand just what it takes to care for and love a furry friend.

"So many people move here without thinking through the implications of what that move means to their furbaby and some people adopt their fur-babies here without thinking it through. As a result, the animal shelters are at breaking point", Leanne explains. 

The site is not a charity, nor does it raise funds for any organisations.

Instead, the purpose of Paw Their Sake is to help people to understand 'the various organisations doing good in this community'. Plus, it aims to:

  • to help peple make informed decisions about adopting and caring for pets
  • to help readers understand the benefits and obligations of adopting pets
  • to raise awareness about the plight of abandoned pets and those who help them

Any pet owner in Dubai will be very aware of the continually increasing numbers of homeless animals that are left each year - with summer proving to be the most difficult time as expatriates leave the emirate either for a holiday or permanently. Plus, pet owners don't often anticipate the amount of veterinary bills they may be faced with if their pet falls sick - ultimately leaving them to surrender them. 

Paw Their Sake Website in Dubai for Animal Welfare

As Leanne herself so rightly puts, "pets are for life, so if you are considering adopting a cat, dog, rabbit or any other living creature please do it with as much information as possible".

The website itself has plenty of educational information that any prospective or current pet parent should read and know while living in Dubai, including; how to be a responsible 'fur-parent', how to become a pet parent and where/how to adopt, useful advice on travelling with a pet, and how you can help in your animal community in Dubai. 

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Not only that, but individuals who wish to become a pet parent after fully researching the responsibilities that come with being one will find useful listings for volunteering opportunities, adoption days, as well as information about how else they can help the animal communities in Dubai; like fostering, car lifts, flight buddies, services and more. 

"If you are ready to take on [the] long-term responsibility then do it responsibly, research the costs including day to day care, vet and potential relocation costs. Then, when you are absolutely ready to take on this new family member - consider rescuing a cat or dog from one of the many overwhelmed shelters in your area.

"One of the main things I'm trying to do now is to get all the rescue groups to send me their adoption and volunteer events so the UAE has 1 central location for all events, to make it easier for people to access this information - and help or adopt", Leanne adds. 

You can find out more about Paw Their Sake, contribute or list your upcoming adoption days or volunteering opportunities by visiting the website here