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Police Have Solved Several Mysterious Camel Deaths In Dubai

It doesn’t get weirder than this…

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12 December 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020

Surprising news on Tuesday as we learn about a mysterious case

While most of us didn’t know this was happening, an actual mysterious case of numerous fallen camels has been occurring in Dubai.

Dubai Police have investigated this mysterious case over the past couple of weeks and have finally found the reason out.

The wrongful use and storage of expired insecticides are the reasoning behind the deaths of dozens of camels at a Dubai-based farm in November.

Thankfully, this was not the creepy movie ending that many of us thought.

The turn of events

The departments of Forensic Science and Criminology at the Dubai Police received an alarming call regarding the mysterious group of camels that were found dead the following day under unknown conditions at the farm.

Dubai’s forensics team collected several samples from the farm to investigate the deaths and reach a reasonable conclusion.

“We found that the people who cared for the camels had put expired insecticides on the camels’ bodies for protection against insects and bugs, but the camels died after seven hours. The [expired] insecticide had turned into poison,” Ebtisam Al Abdoli, director of specialised forensic section at the General
Department of Forensic Science and Criminology in Dubai Police said to Gulf News.

Insecticides on farms in Dubai

While farmers and farm owners are allowed to use pesticides and insecticides in their farms and animals, they are only allowed to do so under safe conditions.

In this case, the wrongful use and storage of the chemicals on the camels and farm due to the expiration of the insecticides lead to the deaths.

The report filed for the mysterious deaths said that the chemical was stored under high temperatures, which turned the insecticide into poison and eventually killed the camels when used.

Insecticides are generally used to keep insects away from farm animals, however, they generally have a low poison level – the misuse of it, can kill the animals instead of protecting them.

Farmers and farm owners are advised to store their farm chemicals away from animal reach and in safe conditions in order to avoid such cases.

Camels in Abu Dhabi

While the mysterious case of camel deaths in Dubai has been solved, Abu Dhabi Police have found other plans for their camels.

We told you on Tuesday, that police in the capital will start to use camels as part of their camel patrol for the city and desert in Abu Dhabi.

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In efforts to reduce crime and still hold on to the Emirati heritage and culture.