Illegal Animals in the UAE: Two Lions on a Dubai Beach |

This Video Shows Two Lions Roaming A Beach In Dubai

The clip on Twitter has been trending and it hasn’t received good comments

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21 November 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Beach In Dubai

Many people would agree that lions don’t belong on the beach

A video that was posted on Twitter on November 19 is receiving some backlash in the comment section.

What appears to be two large lions on a leash with their handlers on a Dubai beach is being criticized by Twitter users.

The lions in the video do not seem to like the beach water as they make their way away from the waves, and not to mention that they are being dragged by their handlers by the leashes around their neck.

The beach in Dubai remains unidentified, however, the iconic Burj Al Arab is seen in a few frames of the video while the lions walk around the beach.

While the video was posted on Monday, it is still unknown when this video was taken or by whom.

The video may be picturesque with Dubai’s blue waters and sandy beach in the foreground – however, some Twitter users are anything but impressed.

With some commenting on the chains around their necks and the way they are being handled not acceptable.

Others, however, are just mesmerized by the majestic beauty of the ferocious animal and are calling the video “beautiful.”

Infamous for illegal animals

This isn’t the first time an animal of this kind is seen out and about while roaming the streets of Dubai.

Various videos were posted on social media of big cats, monkeys and endangered animals being kept as household pets.

And the ownership of illegal animals, who are not enclosed in a protective environment, is illegal in the UAE.

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A 2016 law says that this is against the law and that these animals must only be housed in a zoo, a wildlife park, circuses, breeding and research centres and not households.

These animals are regarded to be dangerous and often endangered – ownership of wild and exotic animals can land you a fine between AED10,000 and AED100,000 and fines are doubled for second offences.

A report has shown that almost 142 exotic or wild animals have been rescued from homes in the UAE – in comparison to 422 dangerous animals confiscated last year.