You Can Now Pay Your Rent in Dubai By Direct Debit |

You Can Now Pay Your Rent in Dubai By Direct Debit

Previously, tenants renting apartment homes or villas in Dubai would pay by cheque

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1 February 2023

Last updated on 2 February 2023
You can now pay Dubai rent by direct debit

Dubai tenants can now pay their rent by direct debit or stick with cheques.

If you're a tenant in Dubai, a new payment method has been introduced for residents.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced this week that rental payments can be paid automatically via direct debit through the Noqodi Ejari Direct Debit Service.

The Direct Debit System will allow Dubai tenants to cover their rent with an automated payment method, overseen by the Central Bank of the UAE.

"Ejari is now fully integrated with noqodi Direct Debit system (UAEDDS) to configure the rent payment schedule during the contract creation or renewal process that will facilitate recurrent payments from their bank accounts," stated in the official circular.

DLD added: "This new feature has been designed with our customers in mind, and we believe it will greatly enhance your experience with the service."

You can manage your rent payment schedule during your tenant contract creation or when renewing, and will handle recurrent payments from your linked bank account.

Paying rent in Dubai with direct debit instead of by cheques

Previously, tenants in Dubai would pay their rent with one or more cheques per year, and the new way to pay helps modernise and streamline the payment process.

This is a great option for residents as they won't have to present physical cheques and worry about their signatures not matching or not having a chequebook.