You Know You're a Dog Owner When... |

You Know You're a Dog Owner When...

We all know that when dogs are left alone at home, well, they like to cause trouble…

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23 August 2016

Last updated on 19 January 2020
You Know You're a Dog Owner When...

As dog owners, we have accepted the fact that we can no longer have nice things, although we can’t help but forgive our four-legged friends for every disaster that they have caused, after all, they are unbelievably adorable.

We are their parents, their friends, their doctors, their maids, their chefs and their military sergeant all in one.

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Whether it’s shoe fetishes, couch chewing, begging, or just being having a sponaneous personality, living with a dog is undoubtedly an exciting life, and each day tells a different story.

So much so, that we decided to dedicate an entire page just for our furry friends. If you're a dog lover or a dog owner, this is going to hit home for you...  

You know you're a dog owner when...


1. You have accepted the fact that your sleep will be interupted in the early hours of the morning because your dog said so. 

Dog waking up owner

2. The concept of personal space or invasion of privacy is something that is inexistent in a dog's world.

Dogs playing together

3. They deny that they are dogs and expect to be fed the same food as their human counter-parts.

dogs eating out of plates on dinning table

4. It's easy to figure out who broke the vase because dogs always have the guiltiest looks on their faces when they've done something wrong. 

Dogs tilting their heads

5. For some reason, a lot of dogs are intrigued by the toilet and you wonder why? Is the toilet water more delicious than the clean, fresh water that you provide for fido? 

Dog trying to jump in toilet

6. A car ride can go one of two ways; either they need comfort for the duration of the entire car ride....

Dog holds owner's hand while going for car ride

7. Or they want to look outside the window, embrace the windy breeze and just live their lives

Dog lips flapping while he looks outside the car window

8. Dogs are master manipulators and they know it.

Somehow, going to the park and going for a long walk is not enough for your dog, so to guilt you, your pooch manages to give you a look of complete boredom.

If you're lucky, you will also get a sigh... A dog's life is pretty ruff...


dog lying down bored

8. Nothing is worst than coming home to find your house has been redesigned by your pooch.

Your clothes are all over the floor, garbage everywhere, some broken items are lying around the house, and you wonder, what has your dog been up to while you were gone?

Eddie Murphy shocked and looking around


9. Every dog owner's first rule in the friendship agreement: If you don't like dogs, we can't be friends. 

ice cube walking away

10. The second rule in the friendship agreement: Don't befriend the enemy.

If you're a cat person and don't fancy dogs, you fall in this category. Sorry. 


collin farrel walking away


11. When your dog lets one rip and you see your life flash before your very eyes. 

nutty professor fart scene

12. One of the cutest thing about dogs is when they get really into their dreams and start dream-running.

How many dog owners have wondered what exactly their dogs are dreaming of? Are they dreaming that they're at the park? Are they chasing cats?

dog dream-running


13. When it's time to take your pooch to the vet and you can't apologise enough to your furry friend for what is to come...

man crying


14. The aftermath of the vet visit sometimes ends in a very dramatic scene where your dog feels betrayed and heartbroken.

You must fix the damage by providing love, affection and plenty of cuddles all night long. 

man cuddling with dog

15. All dog owners know that a dog will not voluntarily take medicine so you've got one of two options. 

You either 1) force the medicine into their mouth and force them to swallow it or 2) hide the pill in a treat or in some cream cheese and trick them into thinking they've earned a treat for good behaviour.

Either way, at the end of this ordeal, you feel like a superstar. 

Beyonce on stage


16. After a long day's work, you just want to come home, lie down and watch TV, right?

Wrong! Your pooch has missed you so much and in some cases, your furry companion will feel the dire need to lie down on top of you and you have no options but to oblige. 

St. Bernard lying on top of owner


17. Taking fido out for a walk to do his business will put you through various emotions, especially if the weather is not on your side. 

You will find yourself yelling at your dog "hurry up and go bathroom already!"

Judge Judy tapping her watch

18. Oh happy day! He's finally chosen a place to finish his business!  

Seinfeld dancing


19. You've become so attached to the dog world that you can't stand the thought anything bad happening to any dog ever.


Even if it's make-believe!

man crying


20. You have a good reason to be so emotionally attached to dogs, after all, they're pretty awesome.

And your dog, well, your dog is your best friend and loves you unconditionally.

Dog cuddling with owner


21. And whether you've been gone for an hour, a day or a year, the reaction remains the same. 

No one is happier to see you than your beloved and loyal companion

Dog jumping on owner